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I'm having a problem every so often that my Jetta's acceleration responds very slowly. I have had the car for a year, and it has 118,000 mi. on it. I've put on about 10,000 of those. I have not had this problem much before except a month and a half ago when I had to replace the Mass Airflow Sensor. The engine made a very loud rumbling noise at the time, which has not made since and is not making now. Right now it's just ocassional sluggish acceleration. I can make it accelerate faster by really punching the gas, but that makes the car shift really hard and the tachometer really jump. It has been about 0 degrees F lately (it's January in Minnesota), but I've started it up at -20 F without problems before.
Any suggestions on the sluggish acceleration?

Just wondering what transmission oil is recommended for the 2009 VW Jetta wagon 2.5 5 cylinder auto transmiision

i took my car to auto zone and they told me my purge canister solenoid, oxygen sensor and fuel sensors are bad. i can not find where the purge canister solenoid is or what it has to do with. anyone know?

the problem occur yesterday when i made a turn going up a hill. So i shift it to 1st and drove it all the way up the hill. when we got to the top smoke started to come out of engine. I pull over let the smoke fade away and try to accelerate but it wouldn't go. tip, " its my first car, and its the first time in my life driving a stander".

speedometer jumps around (0 to 120mph) when driving at 65 mph.

The outer rubber panel on my jetta is coming loose. What type of glue do I need to glue it back on?

when my air condition has been on for about 30 min. give or take the car starts to slow down, i press on the gas to keep it going and it starts up again slowing down as if it wants to stop, i again press the gas down again to keep if going. i have taken the car to the dealership before the warranty was up and they said there wasn't any problem. now the warranty has expired and it still continues.

grill parts falling off? I rolled into the car in front of me and my hood and grill was replaced. the grill parts are falling off??

how do i install firewal end of clutch cable

my engine light kepp coming on. i had everything change. even the transmiion. wht could i do

This just began last week, I don't know why. Or maybe it's been a couple of months because initially my left tail light went out and has been replaced a few times without any success. I had the fuses checked- no blown fuses. Then, last week the door ajar indicator kept coming on and off along with the interior lights. I have no idea what to do about it but I'm hoping it's not going to cost me too much since I'm still paying on the thing. Help, please?

How much will it be to replace the transmission itself? And should I bring it to a shop or a dealer for this kind of work? Who should you recommend for the job, please give me a list of non-rip-offs shops around my city? I would greatly appreciate it. Also when I bring the car to Jiffy-lube, they mentioned I might need to have the oil pan gasket replaced. Because it's beginning to leak oil, but I don't see any oil leak in the driveway?

How much should it cost to rebuild a transmission

When I reach speeds of 35 and higher, the car begins to shake. When I take the foot off the gas, the shaking stops. The mechanic explained it was dented rims (which didn't sound right) , I got those fixed, but the shaking has come back. What could it be?

pedal moves but doesn't pull cable at all. can pull up at trans end until throw out bearing pressure is felt. having accessibility problem at pedal end..removed lower panel and instrument cluster still can't see cable end.. any known short cuts?? seem's dash and/or steering column needs removal to replace the cable..

I can not get my heater to blow warm air into the cab. It will be warm for a little while and then cool off. Also, in the summertime it takes forever and a day to blow cold. Any ideas on how to fix this inexpensively???

It is actually a 1985 Jetta with a 1.6 turbo diesel

How do you replace the rear wheel bearings on a 1995 jetta.

I have a 2005 2.5 5 cyl Jetta and the open hood sensor stays on even when the hood is closed. Now my windshield wiper fluid will not dispense; is this a safety feature? As in - since the hood sensor says open the washer fluid pump will not work.

Steering is hard and found out it has a motor on it instead of old fashion steering pump. checked all fuses in fuse box inside drivers door and under hood next to battery. Was in deep snow day prior to it not working and thought maybe it was snow packed, but thawed it out and still doesn't work any ideas? Thanks

My front passenger window will move approximately 1/4 inch and then stop. I press the button down again and again it moves about 1/4 inch and stop. It does this in the down an up direction. It also does this regardless if I operate it from the passenger control or driver's side control.

All other windows function, auto down and auto up with one touch control.

Is this a motor issue, maybe a fuse or I have read something about a regulator

What's the mileage interval to replace the timing belt?

how much time it takes to R&R an engine with auto trans.

I am having a hard time locating where to disconnect a clutch cable through the dash. Should I go pull full dash and remove gauges or is the access available by moving the steering column. I removed the lower dash and could not find an access to disconnect clutch cable.

i just bought a 99 jetta and on the way home the turns signals, flashers, and right side rear brake lights died.
any ideas?

My 95 vw start's but only runns for like 5 seconds and shuts off

I always have to put collant n my reservoir.

Just today my Battery Indicator Light illuminated what do I need to check or what is the problem??? The Battery or the Alternator?

I've had some issues with my exhaust and have only temporarly fixed each individual problem (muffler, cat, flex pipe). I everything finally gave out all at once, just as winter is coming and I don't want to have to lay in the street looking under my car in the snow. Any idea what an entirely new exhaust would cost? Basically from the manifold back.

recommended battery cca?