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I replaced the TCM and shifting is back! Hard into 3rd. Does it need to be reprogramed?

My drivers side window only goes up or down if I put the key in the door, a couple times it has gone up and down on its own and will not go back up unless I stop the car, get out, and turn the key on the door. The front passenger window will only go down from the passenger door, once down, it will not go up from the control panel on the drivers side door. The doors will randomly lock when i am driving. One time the horn went off and remained on for 2 hours (this was during a heavy rain storm) These problems began about 6 months ago, but seem to be getting worse! The window's have not worked for a solid month now! I'm wondering if it is window switch, wire disconnect, motor? Any suggestions would be appreciated greatly. Thank you

no diagnostic codes but a/c blows warm it seems pressurebhas to build up for it to work and cool

The engine light its on, and shows the code P0135

i got the old bushubgs out with an air chisnoe icant seem to get the new onesall the way in what is the proper way???

My check engine light has been on consistantly now for about 2 years. Prior to that it was an intermittent issue. Any one else having this problem?

My car engine light has come on. The code reads P0420 and was told that means it's the O2 sensor upstream. How much should that cost to fix (parts and labor)?

About 5 months ago, I had to have my entire motor replaced due to a wreck (oil pan busted and my little sister drove it w/out oil for a mile) Before the wreck I was having no troubles starting my car, however when it got to the shop, obviously they couldnt start it up and run it bc the engine was seized up. $2000+ later, I had a new engine and was allowed to take my car home. I realize a used engine from another vehicle will run differently than my own. I was very aware of my car's noises before, and it almost felt like I was now driving a lawnmower. It was much louder and vibrated my car, unlike my original engine. On top of that, the very next day after I got the car back, it wouldnt start! Id turn the key and nothing would happen... no turning over. I went back outside about an hour later and it started right up, so I drove it back to the shop. I had just paid them over 2k and my car wouldnt start, so as you can imagine I was quite irritated. But I held my tongue and politely explained what was happening. The guy got in, turned the key, and nothing happened, so he lifted the key straight up, and wahlah the car starts. He proceeds to turn to me, tell me its my ignition switch, and says itll be another $300 to replace it. He also claimed there was no way to prove it wasnt already like that since they couldnt start the car when it came in. I watched them on a couple of occasions when I had to come by the shop and they were constantly turning the car off and on in about 1-2min intervals. I dont claim to know anything about cars, so I dont know what they were doing at the time.

At the time of the ignition switch diagnoses, I had another vehicle and no money left to fix the problem, and I was so irritated that I just left and took the car home. Now Im in need of that vehicle and I have had more than enough time to think about the ignition switch and how it could have possibly been messed up before the wreck... and I cant imagine how it could have been me. Am I being had? Is this something the shop caused and they are blaming it on me? Is that a part that could just randomly go out and I should just stop being annoyed and pay for it? Should it cost $300 to have this part replaced?

Please help!

Replace Passenger Side view mirror as insides have rotted away.

I woke up witj two flat tires today and i want to know how much should I be paying for tires for my car.

my 2005 jetta gls 2.0 was 6yrs old in feb. with 58k what would be my time frame for replacing the timing belt? as of now the only thing i have done is change oil/filters and front brake pads/tires.. I plan on bringing it in for a 60k service soon..thanks

My ac just stopped working can anyone help me?

my windshield wipers won;t work i can hear the cogs turning so i"m assuming that the linkage is off i need to know how to get to the linkage i need to se a diagram

does anyone know how much it cost to replace this engine with a new 2.0L?

Just bought a VW Jetta with a 2.0L engine and 69,000 miles.. Does this engine have a timing belt or chain and when does VW RECOMMEND replacement

I just bought a VW Jetta with a 2.0L engine, and 69000 miles. when does VW recommend you change the timing belt? I can't find it in owners manual...Thanks in advance

I took my car in for inspection sticker and when I got it back all three of my power plugs (cigarette lighters) stopped working. I checked the fuses and all are good. Can you tell me what else I should check or what it could be causing this problem. I use them all the time for GPS and Phone charge, etc. thank you!

car is weak no power runs on three cylinders

The heater and fan along with the front windshield defroster do not work.

what is the average cost of a starter replacement

My radiator seems to be damaged, the car overheated and when I opened the hood it was smoking and the fluid reserve was boiling and leaking. I tried letting it cool off then putting more fluid in the resivoir but it just goes from half full to empty. Can't findd the thermostat. It was fine, 156k miles, yesterday it just went all crazy. Overheats in about 15 min, sometimes it goes back down, but then eventually overheats again. Sometimes radiator light comes on when temp gauge seems fine. Always flashes when temp is high. I'M LOST, READY TO DRIVE IT IN THE RIVER!

is the torque converter clutch circuit on the outside of the transmission.

I have 12 OBD codes that indicate shorts to the ground. I want to remove a plastic cover in my engine compartment that houses the elecrtical wires from there through the fire wall. I can't for the life of me figure out how to remove it. It is behind the Air-filter housing and is curved upward. The upper lip goes under the hood liner. My Haynes manual does not tell me how to remove this item. Please help.

front bumper on my 99 jetta new body style came lose on both sides when I accidentally went over misplaced parking bar. Can I repair this myself ? and if not how much should it cost me ?

I have a 94 jetta and i cant get in it. I have the keys but my batterys dead and now the power locks dont work to open it. And i cant jump the battery becuase i cant get in to pop the hood. I have no passenger side lock so i cant open from that side. How do i get in?

I have a 1994 Volkswagen jetta and my doors will not open there is no key slot of the passenger side and it has power locks and when i put the key in the hole on the drivers side to unlock the door it will not becuase i believe my battery is dead and wont work the power locks and i cant pop the hood to charge the battery unless is get in the car? How do i get in my car?

I have a 2002 Volkswagon Jetta it was trying to run hot but never did. We had a freeze last week and my heater stopped blowin hot air just cold air. And it seem like it was trying to run hot even more. I received severally different opinons from different mechanics. They said it could either be my thermostate, the heating cord, and i they all said i had a leak. So i brung it to a mechanic that said he knows how to fix it. He changed the thermostate and changed the part that was leaking. But my car is still running hot. So he changed the thermostate again due to the first one he used was not a high performing thermostate. But my car is still running hot. He then said that he didnot know what the problem could be. He said it might be the water pump but he is not sure. I told him that another mechanic said it might be the heater cord. But he said he was sure that it wasnt the heater cord. But my heater only blow hot air when the car is running hot. I dont know what else to do, i have brung my car home and dont know what else to do.

Will not pass emissions. High NOX. everyone suggests cat converter. other ideas?

tightening pattern on valve cover screws

No or low cabin heat even though the coolant temp gauge indicates normal operating temp(190 deg F). Heater core back flushed last year, thermstat replaced.