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Wipers turn on automatically when car is started and will not stop.
At what point should i change my timing belt. How many miles i mean.
The water coolant has the presence of transmission oil we're looking for the oil cooler for its not in the radiator like some other car
Battery is brand new (just bought 2 weeks ago) started fine on sat and then on weds battery was dead. put cables on and it juiced right up but wouldn't continue turning over to the point of starting..
Well here's my dilemma... I drive a golf mk1 2l 8v turbo, the car was overhauled 2 weeks back... Today I saw my no 4 injector leaking from the rail, so I bought new injector seals and closed it up tight with no leaks!...
Don't have manual to check fuses. Besides fuses what else could it be? Help!
It takes up to 5 seconds to start. Someone mechanics says that is some kind of sensor that need to be changed and other says it is normal for Diesel engine to take up to 5 second to start.
check engine light is on also, but I'm not sure if that's related. Used ODB scanner and got error codes: P0134 - Powertrain P0341 - Powertrain P1128 - Powertrain P0139 - Powertrain
Whenever it is plugged in to a code reader it just says no communications
My gearbox start slipping after one hour of running engine ?
Found crack in coil pack and replaced it made little difference also replaced plugs Appears to be a shorted sensor seems if I unplug one or more sensors it clears up Like oxygen sensor and maf or temp sensor .
1998 Golf GL with 1984cc engine - what is the proper order of cylinder ignition wires to distributor cap
It cranks but not starts.unless pushed start. Then it runas fine
i wanna take the transmission out of my 1999 and put it in my 97 will it fit
It sounds like the engine struggles between 3000 and 4000 RPM when on the highway at about 60-75 mph. The problem does not occur until I am on the highway. It almost seems like I run out of gear and my car wont shift ...
My headlights and break lights are fine along with all power windows (including moon roof) but none of my fuses are blown. No idea where to start.
it does not happen when engine is cold only when it is heated
-On the D position the car remains with the second gear all the time; it never shifts up or down as required, except for R.
Driving in traffic my car surges with acceleration and deceleration Is this perhaps dirty fuel injectors ? I have done 125000 Kls. If I am driving slowly and take my foot off the accelerator it feels as if it shuts do...
I have a 2004 1.4i citi golf, now every time it rains water some how gets into the distributor cap and the car starts jerking and at the best of times the engine cuts out. I have tried silicon but to no avail. really ...
Indicator lights went from not working intermittently to blinking twice or four times as fast when activated. When brakes are depressed, left indicator does not work. As soon as brakes are released, indicator work...
new thermostat temp sensor, Top hose gets very hot but lower hose is cold and heater doesnt put hot air only cold.
Installed NEW H2o pump, Tstat, engine coolant n fan sensor/switch, Now engine overheats (temp gauge over 230deg). Still have no Heater in cabin at full blast... Need help thanks in advance!!!