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GTI 1.8L 16v what we did clean air intake, throtle body, checked fuel pressure 40lbs and cold start valve working and has a good spark but no start. need help :(

fuel pump seems ok you can hear noise,but never check fuel filter,fuel distributor, fuel pressure and fuel regulator

checked fan motor hot wired to battery,at first wouldnt run, took apart motor found brushes sticking cleaned w/contact cleaner tested again with battrey, fan runs. reinstalled ran car fan doesnt come on,but if ac turned on both fans run

Any idea how much this will cost to fix ?

I recently purchased my 2003 VW Golf and a few weeks ago changed the oil after noticing it was time to do so (I did it myself). I used the proper oil and such, but now the oil indicator light keeps coming on, usually 10 minutes into my drive, flashes and beeps, but never stays on (just flashing). Is this a malfunction in the car computer or is there something wrong with my oil (I rechecked it, clear, full and fine). Thanx

I actually have a 1999 Golf 2.3 V5 (your drop down list doesnt list it). I am also in the united kingdom so your "zip code" wont accept my digits so I have used one from florida.
Its got a faulty injector on cylinder 5. I have some options on ebay to buy a replacement but I need to ensure I get the right one, with the right part number/code.
I just need to know where to find the part number so I buy the correct replacement.

cost for a replacement fuse battery box and a cable

hard to get it to pass smog

wondering if the engine would be damaged by making this change now on an 03 model.....

This occurs only after engine is up to operating temp. If I quickly pat the accelerator it will reengage even below 1k rpm. Change the fluid with the proper synthetic a short while ago but it did seem to change anything. What am I looking at for a probable cause and cure?

coolant is leaking at the union where the flange meets the motor....obvious crack in the "plastic" part (seriously...plastic!?!)

reverse is not ingageing need to change the shifter guide

I have a 2000 Golf GL that has a constant misfire. I replaced the plugs and wires twice, didn't solve it, replaced the coil pack didn't solve it, and even put some new injectors in. The car starts fine, but idles rough and misfires on when you push on the gas, as well as when you hold it at a steady rpm. I had the car scanned a Autozone but the codes didn't really tell me anything besides what I already tried. The CEL light will also blink about 15 times, usually this happens intermittently while driving.

The car has 140,000 miles the belt broke while coasting off an exit

cigarette lighter,and stereo don't work; i checked fuse,looked for melted fusible links, nothing there; i also took the dash apart, and looked at the back of the stereo, fuse was good, i also looked under the hood, there again fuses were good; i even lubricated the ignition points;however, my mechanical abilities are limited; do to the fact that i don't know how to read schematics;however, this is a work in progress, and this is why i took on this project to learn the electrical end of things. also, i would like to know how to troubleshoot this problem,and what would be the repair procedure? thank-you in advance!

lighter, doesn't work and also the stereo/radio; what is the procedure to get these components working again? ty!

i lubricated the rails with dw-40......ect.

ac not working cheked fuses cheked rellays bypassed the ac button connected directly to batter replaced compressor, reefilled with freeon and still no cold air just air any suggestions?

we got a quote to replace the muffler for 247. We we got to the shop they told us that the resonator had fallen off and the repair would be around 500. Please let me now if this is a reasonable quote or if the resonator is part of the muffler and he is making this stuff up


doug Mohrmann

The electric windows on my 2011 Golf TSI have intermittently opened whilst the car was not running and my car, is therefore, at significant risk of theft. Was wondering if this was a known defect, and if so how do I go about rectifying the problem.

first thanks. that problem happen when start engine. car start after several time .hent my battry good spark plug good my engine 1400 4cylinder petrolim (92) help me pls

Hello I managed to take out the old distributor cap in my 97 VW Golf, but I can put on the the new one back in it's place, the clamps ton't reach and wont close properly, what am I doing wrong, I can't even put on back the old cap! Please let me know if there is a trick to this cap and rotors? Thanks. Ron

I have a VW Trike and wanted to know if anyone knew who can work on them. I would like my engine tuned and I have a Hydrolic cluts that is leaking. thanks

When attempting to start my car, the engine turns over then immediatly shuts off. Could this a cpu or a security system problem?

I wanted to know how much is the average cost to fix this problem if it is in fact the reverse gear itself

hi, I have a 98 wolswagen golf 2.0L automatict transm, the transmission won't shift unless I step out of the acelerator pedal a bit, and them it shift fine, its not sliping it just won't shift, a mechanic told me that it could be the tps or something in the throtle , that send the signal the pcm saying when to shift, I had an spare throtle body assy with all the tps assy and changed and still nothing..any ideas , will apresiate it..thansk

Changed my ignition switch and used original key on transponder(transposer)citi golf ii 1.6i life,but the car do not want to start.The fist it time it worked fine, 2nd time after driving about 500 kilometers car do have the same proble.How can I bypass the ignition and immobiliser system?Wiring diagram needed.Thanks.

the rod that is connected to the side of the transmission and goes to the clutch is broke but we cant find the name for it anywhere and need it to replace. if you know please let me know need fixed soon have a baby..thank you

ok i came off an exit ramp shifted threw all gears fine and when i went to shift into 5th my friends knee was in the way and it cought it (was not dogging it) i pulled it back and when i went to push it back into 5th it is in 3rd i continued to drive home in 4th. After this happend i relized if i have it in 1st or 2nd with car off i can push from 1st directly over to were 5th supose to be same thing with second i dont think it was like that before. I drove it 2 days later and still wouldnt go into 5th was driving in 4th but when i came to a stop light n put in nautral felt like i had more slack than normal from nautral to 1st felt like the same slack from nautral to 5th after it went out and when i went to take off in 1st it was in 3rd just as 5th would do so now 1st, reverse and 5th is 3rd and 2nd is 4th. does anyone know what the problem is and how to fix it?? please reply need to fix asap only vehicle???

Volkswagen Automatic Transmission problem:
The check engine light came on. Scan by AutoZone Tech printed out to Transmission Speed Selector Switch. Shortly afterward car jumped out of gear at speed. Downshifting manually to lower speed (eg. 3rd) restored function and could be upshifted to top gear (drive). Car began slipping between shifts. Then almost complete loss of forward function by transmission. Reverse is fine. Could this be an electrical problerm? What to do