has anyone heard of this?

My brother was trying to set my clock and pushed something and now my radio stops as soon as I put the car in reverse. Help!!

If I put it up slowly, it will stay, but will eeventually go to half open on its own. Even while parked.

Car drives well,,but when I shift on reverse, my prnd on my dash board blink, and I can't reverse, it acts like it's on neutral. Today my engine light went on help! I've put too much money into this car. Is,this my transmission failing?

The trunk opens and roof goes 1/2 way but side rails won't disengage?

bulb on rear view mirror on outside door that blinks when turn signal is activated is out. can't get lens cover off to replace

it stops right before the boot lid swing out part. After it cools down a bit by me driving it, it works just fine.

This is the pump monitoring the car's emissions.

I have a VW EOS 2008 2.0 turbo that is having air compressor failure and it is at 140, 000 miles in. Due to the history of problems with the air compressor in the EOS are there any discounts available for me for replacing my air compressor?

Usually when I open door radio goes off. If I leave key in ign. Ding song will chime. But now? Key no turn to start radio on when technically it shouldn't even be right. And car nonstart top is down

Just got it almost 2 weeks ago. Its been telling me to "service now" oil could use changing but now I'm stick top down and car no starting.

The window will roll down if using the 4 window button. It will roll up using the individual button, but not down. The lights on the buttons have also been going out.

It has happened once before which required a shop to remove the door and take it apart, then put it all back together. When I pull on the handle, there is no resistance as I have felt before.

What could be causing this?

I think I lost the key when I got out to dig some snow out from the tires. It was still running and drove home. Need to know if that is possible or if it will automatically cut off whitin a certain range

I opened up the drivers side Interior fuse box it showed no signs of a blown fuse. (42/20amp yellow).

My car is one month past the warranty but only has 39,000 miles on it - when I took it last time I asked them to check it out - they said they didn't find anything wrong (was still in warranty). A friend just rode with me and said it is a transmission problem? They are already having to fix a rear main seal leak - are the 2 related? Do I have any recourse on the transmission since I mentioned it before the warranty expired?

It's been a long time since I had a car that you had to turn the headlights off manually. What's up with this.

Its the luggage cover tray or whatever the name is I don't totally know. All I know is that its the piece that goes over the luggage area so that the top would go into the trunk.

Both sides on the convertible top on my 2008 Eos cracked this summer where the rear windows fold down. Now whenever it rains, water leaks in! How is this fixed?

Brakes work fine, but the ABS Brake light is on.

Only the Tom Wood VW service dept has changed my oil and the last time they charged us over $100 to drill a new hole for the oil plug and that was common on the VW. I have never heard of this & think they messed it up & charged me to fix it. Also, they just charged me $52.50 to tell me my key fob was defective--no new key fob--just a diagnosis. Has anyone run into either of these?

I put down my top yesterday and the light on the dash keeps flashing, what does that mean?

My sure sensor go crazy. One moment it says I need brakes, then it say I need oil , the abs I took to it to a shop and I was told I need a vacuum pump, so not sure what I need

The dealership says it's the wiring harness in the driver's door. Have others had this issue? The part is back-ordered for the month of June, which makes me think I'm not alone in this. And the repair is going to be $1500.

I have multiple warning lights on. About 8 months ago dealership said probably the ABS controlling and hydrolic modules. I opted not to replace ($2800!) and problem disappeared after reset. Now it has returned. ABS light is only part of the warnings... Also check engine, ESP, EPC, power steering assist. Also, speedometer drops to zero at random, convertible top will not function due to "speed to high" when vehicle is not moving, "please refuel" message with a full tank... Weird stuff! I really don't want to spend $2800 to replace the ABS module if that isn't the problem. Any thoughts?

I have broken ankle can't remove flat tire to get repaired,replaced. I wasn't driving car when warning light came on but oddly looks like sidewall off rim front driverside tire.set of tires purchased@firestone may have 3,500 miles of use no warranty from firestone. I need peron to either remove tire replace, repair put on car or tow to do this which seems like not best way to do this, I am on crutches told to not put weight on ankle a single 56yr old woman that's friends that would take care of this are on vacation. House bound trapped just want to drive to eat hot meal be waited on.

2013~ car stalled on idle, idiot light on. Started back up~ went to dealer. They said they replaced fuel pump. One week later, same exact stalling...idiot light.. took back to the dealer. What's up with this car? Dealer said they are not in the business of replacing parts and want their loaner back...they can't recreate stalling. What should I do?