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how do I turn off the windshield wipers on a Volkswagen cabriolet 1989, when its placed in the off position? the windshield wipers continue to move.
My car does a little noise and I open the cap on the top of the engine and it looses power and then it gets it back and I don't know what the problem with it is
car will not start when left parked in the sun will start at night or left in the shade
I have a problem with my friend's Cabriolet where the automatic windows on the side doors will not go up or down on the car when you press the switch. My friend says that the motors for the windows check out (he works...
I just want to return it to "normal", friend of mine says I may have to replace "springs"-whats that going to cost? And he said that he isn't sure but some of the years you could lower the Cabriolet by tightening down...