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my power windows (front and rear) quit operating. is there a fuse or what. checked the fuses by the driver side but found nothing. owner manual doesnt help
My 98 cabrio suddenly does not start. The battery is good and radio, windows work. The headlight is not working and there is no crank.
I dont have an owners manual for my 98 cabrio. I need some help on changing the head lights.
My power windows and mirrors won't work. I checked the fuse chart and none of the fuses say power windows on them. The windows go down and up with the automatic feature with the key in the door. Need to know if thi...
our radio is stuck in safe mode and we do have the code. How do we input this code
What transmission codes fit in a 2002 Cabrio, mine is an EPN and I havn't found one like it in 8 months.
Our stock radio is stuck on safe mode. How do we get this removed
With no warning or sign of problem, we get in the car to leave after driving it 2 hrs earlier. It cranks, runs 1-3 seconds and shuts off, repeatedly. Any help appreciated!!!
I don't have a Owner's Manual for my cabrio and I am wondering how I can check and/or change the fluid in the transmission?
Could I possibly get a tutorial (with pictures, if possible) on how to remove the drivers side door panel so I can take a look at it? I think this time the window has just fallen off the track or something... I don't...
VW starts but then cuts off like I am stalling out while I am driving... I was able to restart the first coupleof times it cut off but then finally it cut off & I can not restart. what would cause this?
fuse is good and all lights work. but when you press the brake pedal no brake lights come on . Could it be a bad brake switch? what could it be?
My 1996 cabrio just turned it self off yesterday. Now it will crank but not fire. Is it the fuel pump?
So I took it to a VW repair shop who replaced the bushings. They said they rotated the tires left to right and say I have a bad tire and can't do an alignment until it is replaced. I will take the car back to Pep Bo...
Does anyone have know where I can find a used boot cover for an 01 Cabrio?
2001 Cabrio- Cruise control stopped working. Does this run on a cable or could it be a fuse?
What causes drops of water to come out of the muffler after I start it up? Since this started, the muffler seems to vibrate also
Does anyone know where i can find a convertible boot cover for a 2001 Cabrio? Is there another name for them?
I am told the bushings need to be replaced on a 2001 Cabrio. Is this the same as a tie rod, or control arm?
The motor on the windows was replaced in the spring. We had many wet and humid days. The windows and the power mirrors were working one evening and quit the next day. I have checked the fuses and they appear to be...
when i bought this car it needed front tires. The front end was very shaky. I got new tires for the front but it still pulled to the left. i took it to pep boys for an alignment and they said they couldn't do it there...
Why is it so sluggish starting out?
I am on my third water pump in three months. When my first pump failed,it was rapidly leaking coolant and my coolant was completely drained by the time I reached the shop. On the second pump (which lasted 2 months),...
I went out to warm up my car this morning. 20 minutes, I went out to leave, and there was oil everywhere under my car! It was making a very loud knocking sound and the oil light was on. I did not drive it. Is it s...
How do you replace the camshaft position sensor on a 1997 volkswagen cabrio
My mechanic changed the timing belt on my new "gently used" 98 VW Cabrio convertible about 3 weeks ago and the check engine light can't be reset. It's turned off and immediately comes back on. I don't have an operat...
Where is the camshaft position sensor located?
Can you describe how to remove the drivers side door panel without ruining it. I need to check the electric window switch. Sometimes it works, most times it doesn't. Thanks again,
I think I must have blocked AC condensation drain tube but can't find it. I have water spilling out from under the dash when I make a turn and condensation blowing from the vents. I would appreciate help in finding th...
how do you replace refuses for the brake light and signal light and what kind of fuse is it