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I have drilled 2 holes in the cylinder housing but still cannot find where to push down to release the cylinder lock i also need to replace the ignition switch and have take all bolts loose to remove steering column,...
Its an automatic transmission. this seems to happen when I drive at a speed from 35 to 40 to 50. Whats causing this?
thinking of buying this car, it has low miles but am skepticle of the miles because the speedometer amd tach dont work
timming specification on 2001 vw cabrio 2.0? PLEASE HELP
rebuilt the front calipers after RF caliper siezed up....drove it a bit 2- 3 hours...and it siezed again...
Two part clips with a white base which plugs into door frams, and a black "L" shape clip which perimeter panel screws plug in to. Can't identify or source through VW parts. Any help would be appreciated!
Two mufflers, tailpipe and other piping, plus labor, has been estimated at @ $1,000.00 at a national chain. Is this about right?
Could it be fuse 409? it looked black on the 2 big prongs. I am a total amateur
P0116, P1296, P0102, P1128. Diagnosed this morning and the Last 2 came up in addition to the first 2 which are regulars. Changed my MAF and ECT Sensors recently.
I need to know about the factor alarm fuse or relay location any ideas? whats happening is it's killing my starter and/or my fuel pump and i don't have the diagram for the fuses
how do i put antifreeze in my car 98 vw cabriot i know where it goes but i cant figure out how to put more in
It seems extra hard to shift into 1st gear after initially coming out of reverse gear. This problem does not happen each time but often enough it just seems like first gear has disappeared.
I looked in the fuse box by the foot pedals but dont know which of the larger relays is what needs to be repaired. If there any way to test to make sure which is bad?
drove for 1 hour pulled into driveway and died. restarted and left in garage overnight and now won't start.
Someone told me you would mess up the lock mechanism if you just push the button down when inside the car, but is there a way to lock all the doors from the inside? Just bought this car used and it did not have owner...
air flow sensor, oxygen sensors, catalytic converter and still the problem seems to be that somehow the gasoline is not properly being processed though the vehicle. Now, the car will start, and immediately die. Befo...
I am looking for the cost to repair the main head gasket
I wanted to find out what kind of noise you will hear if you are needing a front strut replacement. I just had new brakes put on the front and was told that I needed struts.
My heater/cooler blower only works on 4. 1,2,3 does not blow air. I picked up the appropriate part but do not know where is goes. I was told under the pasenger side dash but can not get to it. Please help!! Thank...
The car seems to be at its worse when warm. This just started about three months ago. I replaced one motor mount and it appeared to help, but is still vibrating upon acceleration. Otherwise the car runs perfect.
ok the car is hard to start but if it starts only make it short time till it shuts off.mother got this car and loves it i hate it the igntion is a push button to start it by the way. is there some problem with these ...
Car has spark, fuel pressure, pump relay actuates, and after cranking the car for a bit,when you release the key, you get a backfire.
does a 2000 volkswagan cabrio run its water pump on a timing belt or a fan belt
What should I check if the heater blows air that is not hot? The coolant level is full. Fan blows air so the fuse and switch are good. Engine temp is not high, but engine is warmed up.
Every time I put my car in reverse, there's a loud clanging noise. What has to be done to correct this?
My daughter has a 2001 VW Cabrio. I'm never sure if the oil level should be checked with the engine warm or cold.
Hi I need a little help with this 2001 cabrio. The check Engine light comes on with the code P1476. This car has 165080 kms on it.I need to know the proper name of the valve under the rear bumper On the RHS. it looks ...
water is boiling every time i drive it
i can hear the blower running at all speeds but no matter where i put the slector , floor or defrost i do not seem to have much air coming out of any vent. i pulled the dash control out and the cables are moving with...
Recently replaced a fuel filter on my car, and when i replugged the battery the anti theft alarm re armed itself, stopping me from trying to restart the engine( won't crank at all) and i can't find the stupid sensor t...