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what other volkswagons have interchangeable muffler for 98 cabrio. in need the back muffler, would a golf be the same?
now it is up but wont go down but only a inch or two an some times she will stall a few times and you have to give it rev the motr a few times then she will run rite
what type of transmission fluid does it call for
It shows 200 is running but it keeps running hotter then it says so I want to know whats the right temp for it.
i replaced my 95 cabrio engine with a 96 jetta
Put $30 worth of shell gas into the car, ran fine b4, started to miss will not accelerate, rpm are thru the roof while changing gears cannot get to MOOOOve like it use to. Bogging down. granted not used much. Any idea...
other times it will not turn over. I used the key on door to turn off kill switch and I want to know if I can get that kill switch dismantle or turned off permantly so I don't have this problem. Ruby
No heat. Temp is normal. And fluids are full. I just bought the car and no nothing about it.
The window on the driver side of my 96 cabrio is grinding when i try to put it up or down. Most of the time (99%) the window won't go all the way up, so i have to have someone stand on the outside of my car to pull th...
I bought the care used at about 50k miles and it just turned 100k miles. I have never replaced the Timing Belt. Is it due for one. It seems to be running fine.
windows work off of door key switch- have no idea which relay in the fuse panel is the window relay if that could be checked
How much is a used throttle body? What would the labor cost to repair?
Missing the lid for the fuse box, I need to know which fuse is for tail lights etc., and where they go and for the large fuses.
The temp gauge goes about half way but the temp light is flashing. The reservoir appears to be cracked.
Horn just makes a sad, wimpy, muted sound. Are there things I can easily check before bringing it to shop?
I just need to know where the crankshaft positioning sensor is located on a 2000 Volkswagon Cabrio?
Would anyone know why the compressor on the a/c stops when engine gets hot. Tried charging it and it shuts off too.
what type of gas should i be using?
Okay, so i've had my car for about two years now, I have 180,000 miles on it. Recently when i've been driving it, it will not go into fourth gear at all. It sucks because I have to drive like 45 mph! When I also start...
was on cruise at 70 at less than 3000 RPMs, cruise kicked out and wont reset and now car struggles to go 70
Was crusing at 70 with cruise on 2400 RPMs; cruise cut out and now car struggles past 60
My Cabrio makes the alert sound - Beep,boop,beep - Beep,boop,beep - It Sounds like La Cucaracha when you first put in the key to start it. This morning it didn't stop. It keeps beeping and booping but sounds lik...
A dog ran in front of my car tonight and I hit it. I went to turn around and my 99 cabrio stalled when backing into traffic and then wouldn't start. It turns over fine but acts like its not getting gas? Is their a fue...
Why would my 95 VW Cabrio stall after refuling? The last two times I refueled (the car was near empty) the car started and ran 200 - 300 yards before it stalled. This has happened in the past before and if I let the c...
I get a wiggling feeling when I apply the brakes, does that mean the pads are gone on the brakes?
what is the engine oil compasity
my mechanic can not figure out why the front parking lights do not work and i can't get it inspected unless they do, I have been told that there is just side parking lights not front ones is that true,?