engine light on voltswagon all the time how to repair

how to replace heater blower motor?

my car has 82000 miles what is the required maintenance?

What and where is the secondary air pump? I am told that my secondary air pump mounts are cracked and falling.

How do I change the bulb behind the heater controls?

I actually have a 1971 beetle i am looking to restore. I was wondering how much the following would cost

-ignition chamber
- side view windows
- relay for indicator
- light inside te car... thank you

My vw beetle has a rattling noise that sounds like a lawn mower.it happens when the car is hot,the oil pressure light flashes and then goes away,the longer the car runs the louder the noise gets,only when its at idle,when i accelerate it goes away, help!its manual btw

My mechanic says my check engine light is on due to a failure in the air intake secondary system. It will cost $740.59 if it is not on warranty. Is this a reasonable price?

Minor fender bender caused the air bag to deploy. Is it possibel to replace the air bag and what will be the cost of the repair?

old brake light sticks tail lights come on at all different times of day

I have a 2001 VW Beetle. Just recently sometimes when you go to start the car it doesn't start. Wait of few minutes or so and the car starts. When it won't start and you try it really gives a rumbling sound while trying to start but wont. This problem occurs randomly. First thing in the morning or after you have been driving it for awhile. Battery and alternator has been checked and all given a thumbs up.

The engine light came on, I had AutoZone do a diagnostic test and the code came back P0420. Which sensor bank usually needs to be replaced - Bank 1 or Bank 2 for this year car. Thanks

change trmostat and cooling fans

my emmission light came on and stays on I replaced the cadiltityic converter a few years ago when thelight came on, think it is that again

the heat and air blower motor is not working

I looked under the hood uder the windshield. There is no place for it there.

need to change spark plugs where are they

My 2000 VW Beetle needs help. Inside the cabin it smells like mable syrup. It does not have an oder outside the car. The temp light is blinking red. It does not blink red all the time. Only for maybe a minute at a time. Most often it comes on within about five min of running the car. Then every so often while driving. What could it be and what am I looking at for the cost of repairs.

My turn signal rarely works. When it does it flashes once or twice and then it stops. I've tried contact spray which helped a little, but the turn signals still don't work right.

We own a 2004 Volkswagen New Beetle Convertible. My husband put all the windows down. But when he put them back up, the rear passenger window will not go all the way up. About 2/3 of it goes up. How do we fix it?

My battery is draining. The door lights remain on for an extended period of time. Also when I insert the key I get an annoying ding, ding for about a minute. Also when I turn the headlights on this happens also but faster for about a minute. Can i remove the fuse for the door lights and what fuse would it be? Thanks for your help

What can I do to start a 2001 VW Beetle Diesel with low fuel? Engine will not start. Does it need to be primed and how do you do that without going to a shop?

heater/ defrost/ AC fan doesn't come on. I checked fuse and it was fine but I replaced it anyway fan still doesn't come on.

the outer door handle on driver side came off we put it back on but it will not stay when i buy the door handle do i need to get a new cable also

i have a 19999 bettle and the car wont go into revervse i was wondering is any one going through this as well if so how did u fix it or do

I just bought the car so I dont know much about it but radio wont come & none of the electrical willl work on drivers side HELP

oil light came on how low is the oil when the light comes on

Top does not go down completley.

when first start up the trans slips from first to neutral till she warms up,and she seems to not want to go into o.d. somtimes not always.Trans sensor or transmission?

My wife had a problem with her coolant temp light (red) coming on within a few minutes of start. She informed me that that her fans were not coming on after the car was shut off to cool off the motor.I troubleshot the issue and replaced to cooling fan switch in the radiator (lots of fun). I started the the car, the red light did not come back on, drove the car a few miles then parked the car in my garage, still the fan did not come on. Did the fan run while I was driving the car? Not sure, but I think it did because the overheat light never came on. Is there something else I might need to look at or just drive it more to get the motor even warmer? thanks, Matt