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My engine won't turn over. It will crank as long as my husband sprays ether into it, but it dies as soon as the ether burns off.

My 1999 vw beetle started having what we thought were fuel problems. We replaced the fuel filter, relay and fuel pump. Now when I turn on the ignition, the pump kicks on but immediately shuts off.

the switch to my fan seems to be broken. my air conditioner is not working now. the switch turns but does make any air come out. the button below that for the air goes in but doesn't always turn the air on. Sme times it goes on but as i am driving just goes off.

The knob that controls both rear view mirrors and the heater for same just broke off. What's it going to cost to replace it? Thanks.

I don't know the diagnostic code for this car. It has over 130,000 miles and I really need my indicator lights repaired, please help.

How do I change the spark plugs in a 2003 VW Beetle?

Blew a serpentine belt,
put a new one one and car will not start. Odd, but fuel pump is no pumping fuel. Could broken belt hit something to cause this problem...What is the fuse #...? Bob

I don't really know how to describe it. Car starts fine. Start driving - seems fine - then all of a sudden I lose acceleration power and have to sit on the side of the road not being able to accelerate. I've had luck driving it around a parking garage until the problem goes away but then when I get to my destination and get back in the car - the same thing AGAIN!

Trunk door does not open. When the hatch door button is pressed the clicking sound is still heard but the door remains locked and shut.

I have had the P0455 CEL on my 1999 Beetle for a while. I inspected the Cannister and couldn't detect any cracks or leaks. I took it to a shop and they told me it was the gascap. I changed it out and the code came back. I took it back a while later and they did another diagnostic and told me it was the purge valve. Instead of paying them to fix it, I ordered the valve and installed it. The code came back after 2 days. I checked the voltage and it was about 8V. That seemed low. The valve doesn't ever open. I also didn't notice any pressure or vacuum on the hose between the valve and the cannister. Should there be pressure at this valve all of the time? What should the voltage be to open the valve? If there is no pressure at this valve, does that indicate a problem with the leak detection pump? Thanks.

i have a 2001 vw beetle, the turn signals, wipers, ac/heater fan and lights don't turn on. i have checked the fuses and everything looks fine.

convertable car and the rear head restraints will not lock down as i have pushed down but will not lock. passengers air bag light is blinking and the air bag light on the dash panel stays on.

got a new battery and after cold weather with car not being used often battery went dead again, had it recharged last week and tonight my wife was driving it and the ABS light came on she pulled over and turned the the car off. It wouldn't start back up until I gave her a jump.

I don't have a OM Manual on order but have not received.Two lights have just come on today but don't know what they mean??What does check engine light and temperature light or oil light look like??

Car is in time - the timing belt is good - when you try to crank it - Sounds like the timing belt is broke - as if
there is no compresion?

I took the car in for a recall (summer 2010). They did they did a moonroof recall also. We had not had any problem with the moonroof. After the moonroof recall it begin to open up any time it wanted to. Happens about once a month now and the switch remains on closed but it is open. Can't trust it anymore could open up in the rain or a thief could get in and steal valuables we may have. I talked to the dealership but they said I had to have it diagnosed and would cost me at least $100. They will refund me the money if it is their fault. What should I be prepared to say if they say it is not their fault.

My transmission continues to clunk and freeze in low gear. The weird thing is that it seems to happen after an automatic car wash or after heavy rains. After it has sat a while, it shifts perfectly again. Any ideas? I had the valve body replaced AND had a complete transmission rebuild...neither solved the problem.

Do turn signals use a fuse? I plugged in a heated car seat 2 weeks ago into the cigarette lighter outlet, and it blew a fuse or two. My seatbelt light stays on and now both turn signals don't work.

while drivng as a passenger i felt a wobble in the rear of the car ...took it to the dealer they said you have a broken rear axel..and on the left rear the cv joint was leaking grease..needs to be replace...My question is can a broken axel cause the cv joint to leak grease.. do to improper alignement?

Just bought it today. Drove 200 miles home. Two issues:
1)Fuel gauge worked twice - both times about 5 minutes after fueling. Went all the way down to empty and stayed there. Fuel light came on and beeped at me both times, then went out 10 minutes or so later.

2)On the dash display, to the right of the display that shows park, neutral and drive etc. where it shows the gear the car is in (1-6) that worked about halfway home then went out and stayed out. Possible fuse? This is the automatic with TipTronic.Any insights much appreciated.

Change timing belt at 70,000 miles 2002 turbo s vw beetle has
has 120,000 when do i need to change it again?

how many miles could I put on this car before it's done. I'm thinking about buying it with 153,000 miles on it and was wondering how long I'll be able to keep it around until I graduate college (four to five years).

if engine has seized up due no motor oil will it still make a noise like it's trying to start when you turn the key, or will it make NO sound at all? and is there a safety kill switch somewhere that i might be able to reset and crank up the bug???

My daughter call me cause her 2002 beetle died. She noticed it losing power then it just died at a stop sigh. When I got it home I noticed the oil plug was GONE and battery dead. Charged battery, filled oil and checked ALL fuses but it will not even TRY to turn over and the epc light is on. Can any one help please????

we were checking the fuses with the key turned on and now it won't start, the fuel pump not turning on.

Where is the fuse or relay located that controls the power to the MAF?

I have a check engine light on and the code is for the mass air flow sensor. According to the Chilton manual I read out the connector to the MAF sensor and should have read 12v. I am getting no reading at all. Where do I go now?

It occurs all the time. Window does not work.

System is too rich, bank. PO172