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what is the proper spark plug gap for a 2003 turbo s beetle?
have canister, but need to know where exactly it is located and how do i install it.
i have a 99 automatic beetle, when i place the transmission in reverse the car runs fine has no issue, but when i place the transmission in drive the engine runs for about 2-3 sec, and dies.
every trip dtc po122 po221 throttle pedal sensor
the car blows hot air from under the dash all of the time. it does not matter if I have the air recycle on the air conditioner unit on or off. The longer i go the hotter it gets. When I park it in the garage it gets...
cooling fan keeps running after car is off and dont turn off till i diconnect battery
what kind of brakes does my car have?
What system is below the glove box that could be causing a water leak onto the floor?
a man cleared the code a few days later it came back he didnt know what the code ment
Gee thanks for going around my question and give an answer that was so obvious. Not everything needs to be looked at by a tech at first sight, you can look into it yourself and do a process of elimination before goin...
Just picked a 2000 Beetle. Found out the air does not blow cold. The compressor spins, plenty of coolant and fuses are good. One thing we could not locate is the low pressure switch. Could you tell me where to loo...
does the beetle have an interference or non-interference engine
does the front brakes have a sensor for the brakes.
car will start and run for a few seconds and then die will restart everytime, cleaned mas air flow car ran great but has sence started dieing again
checked battery ok what other things can i look at before taking to autoshop?
UPDATE: My coolant was flushed about two weeks ago. This week is the first really warm (70's F) weather we've had. My not-very-good-mechanic brother-in-law says that the air was not bled from the coolant system and th...
My 2005 VW new beetle convertible - passenger rear window won't come up - made a lot of noise and only came half way up - I got it to go back down, but won't come up- I can hear motor running when I push button
My daughter's 98 Bug has automatic windows that will arbitrarily go down on their own. It happens when she is driving as well as when the car is parked and the engine is off. When this happens, it is always both windo...
battery is good & alternator not holding
I am a woman and I don't know how I can check all fluids levels. I can see a few of different caps but I haven't clue for what fluid. Can I get some picture anywhere with description all caps?
Anybody had this problem: transmission slips in forward gears, and speedo slips at any speed over 45. I've read that a bad speed sensor can be the cause. The sensor is on the transmission casing and apparently can on...
when you lock the doors the rear hatch lock assembly unlatches and turns the interior light on which runs the battery down.
oil light flashes when reving engine, doesnt when idleling
oil light flashes when driving makes ticking noise. light does not come on when idiling, but does start to flash when reving engine.
while turing either right or left there is a hesitation and a clunking sund. while going up an incline the moter seems to hessitate.
whats the possibilities of transmission fluid getting into the anti freeze and how can this be resolved?
My a/c is leaking at the seal......we put freon in it and it worked for about 5 dyas, now it will not even blow at all. What do I check first??
IThe car just started this last week. I started the car and I heard a winding sound(kind of like my sunroof was closing. I noticed my clock at jumped back to 12:00 it was 5:00. Now the car drives find except it kind ...