My daughter call me cause her 2002 beetle died. She noticed it losing power then it just died at a stop sigh. When I got it home I noticed the oil plug was GONE and battery dead. Charged battery, filled oil and checked ALL fuses but it will not even TRY to turn over and the epc light is on. Can any one help please????

we were checking the fuses with the key turned on and now it won't start, the fuel pump not turning on.

Where is the fuse or relay located that controls the power to the MAF?

I have a check engine light on and the code is for the mass air flow sensor. According to the Chilton manual I read out the connector to the MAF sensor and should have read 12v. I am getting no reading at all. Where do I go now?

It occurs all the time. Window does not work.

System is too rich, bank. PO172


i was driving my beetle. it will now only go 40 miles an hour the RPM is high..........i can't go past 40 miles. what is wrong???

My car failed inspection because of its evap. system. How much would it be to get my evap. system checked and fixed if needed? Approximately.

How do I re-install the HOOD RELEASE PULL TAB LEVER replacement instructions

My turbo won't come on at any speed no warning lights what wrong? The car runs fine but no power because the turbo quit, can I have a hose off or a vacume line off I run Castrol 100% synsetic oil and only 80,000 miles 1.8 turbo automatic trans.

auto trans shifts hard in rev, 1, and also harsh down shifts when cold. when it warms up it is fine. Any ideas?

2004 VW Beetle 2.0L 4A GLS; mileage 57K; Is timing belt/water pump replacement really necessary at this interval? Car is performing great; no dashboard code sensors illuminated. Would it be prudent to wait until 70K?

looking at a 2oo4 vw, the check engine light stays on and we were todl it could be a blown headgasket,,it also needs the timing belt changed..would check engine light come on for that to let us know it needs changing or for headgasket..what is the price or replacing headgasket

i have no blower speeds and no a/c

this problem occured sat and they worked for an hour. i went into the movies and when i came back out they wouldnt work and have not worked since.

What fuse controls the heated outside mirror. Is a relay used?


I went to close the glove box last week and the door fell back down. looks like one of the clips on the inside is stuck. I'm concerned that the whole panel needs to be changed, since it looks molded. any suggestions?

Automatic. It jerks when shifting gears when speeding up (especially on freeway) and when I slow down to a stop it jumps forward. When driving and increasing speed, the engine revs and makes a terrible whining/spinning sound, and won't go any faster, and then all of a sudden it will jerk into a higher speed. Is this a transmission problem?

How do I clean out the air intake system on a VW '98 BUG

I have repaired the other codes that came up,plug, wires, MAF sensor, various vacumm lines. The engine was not running very well, hardly noticed. I keep having a P0422 code coming back (main catalyst below threshold bank 1) I don't believe the O2 sensors are bad, I believe this means the convert itself, correct? Being the engine wasn't running properly, I believe it damaged the converter.

The shop is saying they need to do a smoke test to see where my bug is leaking ?

I have a hole in my oil pan. What is the cost for the pan and labor cost

engine light was on, took it to a volkswagon dealership. They just called and said the evaporate emission canister is bad and cost $6oo.oo to replace. The volkswagon has only 8,500 miles on

went over a cut out in the road and put a hole in the oil pan. What are the parts and repair cost 2000 vw beetle

This is my daughters car, she just drives it until it breaks and then I supposed to fix it. She drove it to its current location, when leaving it started but died, will start but dies continually.

My wife has a 2005 Beetle Turbo, we are seeing the battery light flash on occasionally, within th epast two weeks. We replaced the battery last year. I suspect this means the alternator is going bad. Any idea if my assumption is correct and how long we have before we need to replace it?

sounds like turn signal or emergency flasher is on but it has not been turned on when driving down the road. also no lights are flashing inside or out

I've been having problems with my car going into reverse. It is an automatic. I will put it in reverse and have to wait a few minutes for it to start to reverse. It seems that the problem has gotten progressively worse as I have to wait longer and longer. I've noticed lately there is also strong gas smell when this happens. This is usually only a problem on cool days when I first start the car that morning. After it has been driven or warmed up, it seems to work okay. Any ideas on what the problem might be? Should I be saving up for a new transmission? :-(