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Replaced the alternater and battery, new breaks and tires and had the car checked out before I bought it. The car stalls and the lights come on in the inside and the engine starts to rev and then dies.
how do you reset the fuel pump on a 2000 volkswagen beetle with a 2.0 gas engine
My bug has a bug! I can drive my car down the road a little and it does fine. When I stop at a store (Advanced for example) less than 30 miles away, the car refuses to start back up for at least an hour. I was told ...
what is the location for the input and output speed sensor
when lifting the beetle in the air and placing it in neutral,do the tires run in the same direction
after changing battery the epc light keeps coming on.the repair manaul said that the ecm needs to be reset. can this be done with a actron cp9180 scanner?
The break light bulb is burned out and replacement light buld doesn't work. Had break sensor checked. Any ideals.
Everything is fine when idling. When I driving it sounds as if I am driving a 4 wheel drive vehicle! This just started about 2 weeks ago on vacation and my husband is convinced it has to do with our tires. Although th...
My VW Bug 2001 will not blow out cold air. The fuses have been checked; freon was added. My brother believes there is no power getting to the compressor. Ideas? Thank you!
We have a flip open style remote that apparently needs a new battery
My daughter has a 1999 VW Beetle with about 76,000 miles, we regularly maintain it. 2 years back it had a pink liquid leak. This had something to do with the coolant system and it was repaired at the dealership. Th...
Hi! Thank you very much for answering my previous question however ; I have another question about this Beetle, and was hoping you could diagnois the problem for me .I have recently put in 2 clutches and 2 New M...
The air conditioning on my beetle only works at high speeds and when I stop the compressor turns off. Anyone knows what could be the problem. I have already charge the system.
My thermometer light turned from red to blue and car quit in driveway and will not start back. This is the diesel car. Any suggestion? Will turn over but not start.
when it was checked all plugs were ok. why is my car not running at full power?
speedometer tach not working jerryjudge speedometer not working
thermostat light came on-discovered there was no coolant in the overflow tank filled tank light still comes on-fan is running okay
My fan just stopped running. The fuses are good. What should I look for next
fuse is not blown, compressor clutch does not engage, the freon is sufficient
Runs fine then will not start until it sits for a while. Got it scanned and these codes came up PO303, PO322 and P1580. Any ideas
recently purchase from a private owner- owner is unsure why- i checked it before i went to bed n it was up but by morning the window was down.
I just purchased a 2004 beetle from an individual and we noticed afterwards that that ac was causing the bug to have irregular power when driving 60 mph. After we turned off the ac, it ran fine. The compressor is s...
I have a 2004 Convertible and the convertible liner comes loose around the rear window every time I put the top down. I can get it back in with a bit of work but would like to know how to fix it permanently. I've ...
I need to replace the driverside rear marker light. I found several on ebay, but have told that installation is harder than one might think. Any advice on the instalation would be appreciated
Dont know why it is losing oil. There is no blue smoke. There is no oil leaking on the groud
I've taken good care of my Beetle, done all scheduled maintenance, oil changes, etc. It has had a ton of maintenance over the years and is getting close to 100K. Considering the problems I have had, I am thinking abou...
The beetle ran over something and cracked the oil towed and pan was replaced with new one. Oil light is now beeping and flashing continually, so returned to mechanic. Scan for codes=none. Ran oil pressure...
heater switch only works on 4
Looking for an estimate and where to take my vehicle for transmission fluid leaking.
In my 2005 Beetle, the coolant light beeped and came on, by the time I exited the highway the light went out. When I checked all my fluid levels they were exactly where they should be. When taking it to the dealersh...