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we damaged one of the oilers that shoot oil to the lower part of the cylinders and haven't been able to locate them at dealer, any suggestions. thank you
Let beetle idle to warm up for 20 minutes, shut it off and when I started it back up 30 minutes later engine light was on. Took it by to see what code was showing and it said 8121. Is this the thermostat or water pump...
how important is the belly pan, and how expensive is it to replace. it has actually torn in two places. no fixing this one.
I was only doing 40mph and the belt didn't break. the engine will turn over but the time belt wont turn. How screwed am I? I love my car. i guess its bad. What are some options and prices? Took it to dealership and wa...
i just got this car and would like to know if it is possible to install a block heater or an inline heater
replace sender in the fuel tank.I got fuel coming out fuel filter. But cant get the fuel to come out of the fuel pump injector
about 6 motnhs ago i had a re con gear box fitted, recently i went to drive my car to a petrol garsge when i realised that my car wouldnt actually go anywere in certain gears , i had someone put a bolt on the engine m...
My clutch was replaced and it will go into all gears except 5th. As for the malfuncton light, it was on prior to fixing the clutch and afterwards it didn't come on. But it came on suddenly when i put the AC on? I don...
i took the valve cover off and the #1 cylinder exhaust valve lifter is broken it messed up the cam shaft also
the gear shifter seems loose and not wanting to change properly into 5th and 6th gear. no noise with transmission
I have 31,000 miles on it now. The dealer changed the filter at 20,000 and 31,000. Is this too often? Costs $150 each time.
Checked all fuses, replaced battery and starter.
on the driver side only the electric window control for both passenger and drivers sides as well as electric door lock with remote control on drivers side and indoor light dome automatically going on and trunk latch a...
Brand of Header's that fit my 2006 Volkswagon Beetle 1.9L @ 4 Cylinder Turbo TDI Disesel Engine
The underskirt of my right tire came off from street debris upon a right turn and need to have it replaced as the skit came off completely right side that is.