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driving when car quits will not start not getting any spark
Can't seem to find anywhere to get this part. It the digital plate behind the face plate of the radio. My preset radio buttons #2 & #3 are stuck/broken and its located on this digital component. I need it to start/...
It has problems cranking now it will drive perfectly fine. I can stop at a store come out it will crank and fall dead immediately anybody else ever have this problem.
Turned the engine on and the "check engine" light is on now. It's sometimes missing when i start from a stop. Do you suggest driving at a high speed to reset the engine light? Also how do you know if you need transmis...
eventually stalls the engine. driving and / or in park.
outside.they lock and unlock remotely from the out side but cannot open from the inside.
Pulled transmission out of car and can't open it. Seems to be binding where input shaft is. A few springs feel out. One is small and long
Previous owner may have been in passenger-side accident, but there's no external damage around the passenger side door.
Also just beginning to smell burnt oil. 90,000+ miles. Any idea on a fix? Im thinking PVC valve replacement after research.
sensors light up my screen air bag error, ABS stabilization
replaced battery and read i need the code for my anti-theft radio so car can reprogram itself. Won't turn over - nothing. Battery is new and charged. Help
I added new gas, did not help. What can I expect the problem to be and the estimated cost to resolve? Thank you
So I changed out the mirror switch on my door panel and after I hooked everything back up my car wouldn't start leaving me with three different light on. Also the battery has juice and tried to jump it but that did n...
My car started and ran fine at 6am, but when I tried to start it 3 hours later, the engine wouldn't even crank. All I heard was a clicking noise. I tried jumping it from a friend's car to no avail. I called roadside a...