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when ever i put my car key will see in my dashboard starting rage active and no ignition light shows.why! pleas i need the ignition light first. HELP.

Thinking about buying this car but the one we looked at had the back seat drivers side window down about an inch. Did not see where we could get the window to come up. Any advice would be appreciated.

The passenger seat is stuck in the relax position and will not come back up is there an easy way to fix this problem?

Was about to replace timing belt due to car now having 106k total miles. Water pump was replaced in August 2012. 40-50k since then.

I start it up after priming the fuel pump a few times. Than it will act like it is out of fuel and it dies. I replaced the fuel filter has new battery and newish alternator. I have not put a code tester on it yet.

my 2002 Jetta TDI has left to right play in the front end and is getting worse. No noise. Up on stands i can move both front tires slightly horizontally but not vertically (top and bottom of tire). when i do this the shock rotates slightly as well. There is a small amount of slop in the control arm at the ball joint on both sides. Is this natural or the problem??
Any suggestions,Thank you so much!

Will purchase rebuilt engine need price to install only

p0301 1 cylinder misfire ...okay but what is the fix for that problem??

Car leaked lots of water from under, I kept driving car cut off. Made it home and next morning i checked oil and it look like a milk shake, is my head gasket blown? Dont know much about cars but i am willing to learn, is this job to big to do myself what ever the problem is. Please help if can thanks

Turned on my Jetta this morning and waited for it to warm up for a bit as usual, after a while I tried to take off and I couldn't. The day before I hit a very unexpected dip, and I thought I had messed up my bumper but I didn't, I drove about 1 1/2 or 2 miles home after than. When I moved the car I saw a puddle of oil in the parking spot and left another one where I moved it to. BTW the check engine light and EPC just went on.

Well here's my dilemma... I drive a golf mk1 2l 8v turbo, the car was overhauled 2 weeks back... Today I saw my no 4 injector leaking from the rail, so I bought new injector seals and closed it up tight with no leaks! I drove 10km's with it and then I could hear busting noises in my exhaust, it wasn't so bad at first, now its missfiring, but when u floor it, it seems to go smoothly until u back of the gas then it misses again... Please note the car has new cambelt, new fan belt, the coil and everything works, we checked the plugs and even put new plugs ... It ran smoothley at first for like the first 5km's then it started to miss... The car starts on the turn without touching the gas and idles. Only when I press the gas then it starts to miss fire... The injectors can't be blocked since when I really press it, it doesn't missfire anymore... There is a strong fuel smell coming from my exhaust... I'm not sure I
f the car needs to be dyno'd to set the air/fuel ratio again? Please help.

I've had the light checked by a mechanic and reset, but the light keeps coming on. I need to take car for inspection. Any suggestions.

forcing the switch it seems to workor just holding it in the first position also works

Does anyone know if this is repairable, or do I need to buy a whole new mirror assembly?

and the obdometer is not working we had to disconect the coolant container to get to the hose to replace it and now all these things are happening do I have to replace censer on coolant container? What to do?

push key fob in only steering light and battery light illuminate, all controls work ie. lights, windows, locks, radio..etc. but not turning over to start. Before the check of fuses fans started and the car would turnover but not fire. Initial problem was failed coil and connector.

I purchased my Jetta a few months back and I have a flat but can't even change tire bc I wasn't given a key by the dealer and I'm willing to buy one but don't know which key is right

I am having issues with my 1999 VW Beetle. Check engine light has been coming on and now it flashes, with poor engine performance accompanying it. I want to know if there is an alternative method for obtaining diagnostic trouble codes with out a code scanner, with perhaps a multimeter, or jumper wire?