It started with a little power loss, but if I eased back on the gas it would pick up. Finally got to the point of not being able to take a hill at all. We thought it was failure of cat converter, which was down to pieces.

We have replaced: spark plugs & wires, ignition coil pack, catalytic converter, fuel pump, fuel filter, timing belt, water pump, MAF sensor, upstream O2 sensor, engine coolant temp sensor.

We have tested: Cam position sensor, compression (180 ish)

We have no codes, no warning lights, full tank of gas, recent oil change (w/ filter).

She sounds good, no smoke, no coolant in oil. Around 30mph, lack of power is noticeable, tops out around 60-70 mph.

The problem started with when Engine mgmt light on dashboard lit. The car was running absolutely fine. Took to dealer he told to change air mass flow sensor, spark plugs and purge valve. The light came on again in 10minutes after the repair. The key was reprogrammed at the same time. Even though car was absolutely fine the light was still on. Ignored the warning light as mechanic told there is no problem until the light starts flashes. But just from two days the car is not at all starting. My mechanic friend suggested to reset the key code. Neither the VW dealer nor my mechanic friend knows proper solution to my problem. Please someone help me to get my car repaired. I have spent almost $1000 on this entire repair. Now dealer asks for another $300 just to inspect the car and no guarantee that car will work fine. Please someone guide me.

Everything went back on fine.

Help! I'm reading all different things on-line. What is going on??

Don't have manual to check fuses. Besides fuses what else could it be? Help!

It takes up to 5 seconds to start. Someone mechanics says that is some kind of sensor that need to be changed and other says it is normal for Diesel engine to take up to 5 second to start.

When turning on engine, it will take longer and makes weird squeaky noise. The temperature light will be blue then change to a flashing red in seconds
I need help

If you have any suggestions!!!
Please Help!

There was a rattle & found out the guides were broke, so as I replaced them & the chains it moved out of time. Now the car wont start but engine turns....timing needs resetting but am lost with out info.

Vehicle had been sitting for a few weeks. Started it up, put it in reverse, gave it some gas - felt like something was bound up - vehicle not moving??? check e-brake - off. Gradually/slowly gave it more gas - BOOM! It broke loose and now no brakes! Checked under the vehicle - no fluid on the driveway. Suspect master cylnder failed but would like some feedback from someone with more experience.

I did do electronic check they cleared the error it drives but when I drive on high spread when I brake it goes back in safe mode again.when its about to come to a coplete hault it gives a grinding sound on front wheels

Into the side of the car

need to know what brake pads to order without seeing the car

car has been overheating, seem to have that solved. But now have warm heat at idle and cool air when driving. WP, thermastat and housing, coolant cap, flush and heater core flushed/back flushed.

It seems like only when it's wet or it rains it starts but shakes engine light flashes , light stays on other ways how do I fixed this? The car has 150000 miles and is been real good till now..

after changing o ring,oil pressure light kept coming on. After some investigation I found that the oil pump chain tensioner broke. Well,to change that the crank pulley and crank timing gear had to be removed. I paid a backyard mechanic to pull the pulley off to get to plate to remove so tensioner could be replaced. Unfortunately, he didn't line up timing marks to TDC.he just pulled crank pulley off of timing belt. How can I get timing reset. I've pulled motor mount,put new water pump on but I cant get timing marks to line up on crank and cam. How can I do this without destroying valves. After putting new timing belt on and turning crank 20 times marks still won't line up. Any suggestions on how I can get this timing corrected and on time. This is a 2.0 liter AEG motor in a 99 jetta. Don't want to damage valves or pistons.

This is more noticeable on the highway and it seems like I am using more gas than I usually do driving local and on the highway.

Old age has worn them ragged. Stick shift is sloppy and finding gears is getting harder and harder

Check engine light just came on today 12/14/14. Car serviced less than two months ago what can be the problem.