I have a 1998 Volkswagen Jetta Wolfsburg Edition. I tried putting in a different battery cause the current one kept dying and wouldn't hold charge. Ever since then the car has idled weirdly and tries to bog itself down and kill itself. It used to be driveable but not anymore. Please tell me any and all problems that it could be. I currently think it could be a sensor or throttle body failure and maybe even water in the gas tank. Thank you

even the gear lever in P i cant take out the ignition key

looses coolant fluid often when car is warmed up. doesn't leak when i put it in seems to to heat up and come out overflow tube builds pressure and high temperature in coolant tank

Can a 2007 Volkswagen Passat Wagon transmission be repaired? When we turn the car off, and then turn it back on, it will sometimes shift properly. Sometimes there is just a feeling of slipping, but then it catches.

we have found the obd 2 system on automobiles the most inaccurate hardware on a car, why is it still being used?
of course the repair shops love being able to blame it for their untrained unskilled mechanics,

My abs and engine light are on, and speedo, cruise control, trip control aren' t working. Can i disable abs module without losing speedo, cruise control, trip control ? I don't mind losing abs.

I've dismantled and cleaned it, but the light is still on. How do I now reset the EW code?. I've also read that you can't clean the EGR on this model of Golf, but instead have to replace it with a new valve. Is that Correct?

I checked the master switch wasn't that...this 2002 Volkswagen Cabrio GLXis circuit breaker protectedbut the circuit breakers are good...I purchased an all data subscription online wasn't much help I basically need a picture of a 2002 Volkswagen Cabrio fuse box...So I can make sure the fuses and relays are in the right place Its tkind of hard to believe all three windows would go out at the same time..Need help wife's car I want her to get her car back on the road.
thank you...p.s I can't find the picture of a cabrio 2002 fuse box anywhere.

driving they go off touch brakes it stops but let off brakes starts again (fuse?)

Was driving at speed and the ESP light came on and the ride became very rough. When coasting, the ride was smooth, but when gas pedal depressed, the ride became rough. At stop, the check engine light would come on, then go off when driving.

I was messing with fuses and relays try to find which one was out turned out to be my fuel pump relay...At this time the car would not start!
so I could put the fuse box backward goes up on those two hooks.
I go to start the car and the battery is dead because it's been sitting too long.
I replace the battery the car starts up and runs perfectly but my driver and back windows will not go up.
if there is a relay for this car for the driver and back windows I must have unplugged it I'm not smart enough to figure out where its located I have looked for days please help!!!!

The car doesnt go, it just sits there and when i put it into drive it will start making a clicking sound. Then when i put it into park it will make the clicking sound go faster for a couple of seconds then stop. I read online that it could be an internal seal but i dont see why the car doesnt actually drive.

239,000 miles, had new cylinder head, rod brgs, pistons, rings replaced. due to broken exhaust valve. have replaced timing belt every 100k as suggested.

Not my car but my boss who insists he does it to save money by not engaging the gear system. This is the second steering column in one year. In my opinion it is a false economy but I am far removed from a mechanic

if I unhook the battery and hook it back up then I can take my key out.but if I leave the battery hooked up my screen still stays on so its like its stuck in axillary mode.

A friend of mine just jumped a curb in her 09 cc sport. I am a pretty seasoned tech with experience in full engine builds on everything from ford to honda and even bmw. I have the tools to do the job but I'm looking for a labor time estimate to give a price for such a job. Basically the oil pan, baffle, oil pump, pump chain, chain tensioner, and trans pan will be changed. She's basically looking at a grand in parts alone. I don't want to screw her or myself on labor. Any info is much appreciated

I know it sounds strange but if I go some where it doesn't see to matter how far.When I shut the engine off to go inside I am locked in the car and can't get out unless I roll the windows down and crawl out.It will also lock me out untill some point when it decides to unlock.

Have several codes, po455 large evap leak and p0688 engine control relay short to positive, While monitoring datastream the throttle % dies off at WOT about 16% indicated when fully depressed, it is smooth til about 50% depressed and drops off. does this car have pedal sensor and a tps? is the tps integral to throttle valve?

it used to crank when it cool off and something is killing the battery now it won't crank at all

replaced old cracked intercooler and car ran better, i assumed that the oil was due to cracked part and would be fixed by closing the system but new one filled with oil also and produced large plume of smoke upon accelleration

Start driving won't go above 35 40 mph traction controll light flashes but on some bits of road picks up fine then kicks in again can anybody help ?