my windshield wipers won;t work i can hear the cogs turning so i"m assuming that the linkage is off i need to know how to get to the linkage i need to se a diagram

does anyone know how much it cost to replace this engine with a new 2.0L?

When I go to start my car in the morning it starts then shuts off with in seconds. It takes pump the gas pedal to get it started, then i have to pump it to keep it from stalling out. Once i've pumped it enough it stays running and i dont have a promblem all day. It just occurs in the morning it seems.

Just bought a VW Jetta with a 2.0L engine and 69,000 miles.. Does this engine have a timing belt or chain and when does VW RECOMMEND replacement

When I started my car up, the light stayed on, car appeared to be shaking, it also blinked. My steering wheel has also been shaking pretty hard.

I just bought a VW Jetta with a 2.0L engine, and 69000 miles. when does VW recommend you change the timing belt? I can't find it in owners manual...Thanks in advance

My Power Moonroof got stuck open. I manually closed it and now it doesnt work at all. I checked the fuse and that's fine.I am looking for any other suggestions for fixing this problem.


My transmission continues to clunk and freeze in low gear. The weird thing is that it seems to happen after an automatic car wash or after heavy rains. After it has sat a while, it shifts perfectly again. Any ideas? I had the valve body replaced AND had a complete transmission rebuild...neither solved the problem.

Do turn signals use a fuse? I plugged in a heated car seat 2 weeks ago into the cigarette lighter outlet, and it blew a fuse or two. My seatbelt light stays on and now both turn signals don't work.

while drivng as a passenger i felt a wobble in the rear of the car ...took it to the dealer they said you have a broken rear axel..and on the left rear the cv joint was leaking grease..needs to be replace...My question is can a broken axel cause the cv joint to leak grease.. do to improper alignement?

I took my car in for inspection sticker and when I got it back all three of my power plugs (cigarette lighters) stopped working. I checked the fuses and all are good. Can you tell me what else I should check or what it could be causing this problem. I use them all the time for GPS and Phone charge, etc. thank you!

car is weak no power runs on three cylinders

Changed my ignition switch and used original key on transponder(transposer)citi golf ii 1.6i life,but the car do not want to start.The fist it time it worked fine, 2nd time after driving about 500 kilometers car do have the same proble.How can I bypass the ignition and immobiliser system?Wiring diagram needed.Thanks.

Just bought it today. Drove 200 miles home. Two issues:
1)Fuel gauge worked twice - both times about 5 minutes after fueling. Went all the way down to empty and stayed there. Fuel light came on and beeped at me both times, then went out 10 minutes or so later.

2)On the dash display, to the right of the display that shows park, neutral and drive etc. where it shows the gear the car is in (1-6) that worked about halfway home then went out and stayed out. Possible fuse? This is the automatic with TipTronic.Any insights much appreciated.

In the 2004 VW JETTA TDI repair manual it tell me to use only FACTORY VW antifreeze(red type). I was told by autozone and advance auto that I could use Prestone all weather / all model type antifreeze (green type color). Why is VW so adamant about using their antifreeze...Is is a tech/mechanical issue or just a money grabber scheme...HELP

where are the timing marks on a 2000 vw cabrio?
Thank You

I have a '98 VW Beetle TDI manual that is making a loud knocking noise. The noise seems to get louder with acceleration. When I shift gears and the engine winds down the noise continues. I did an oil change on the car and found metal shavings in the oil pan. Someone told me that I would need to replace the motor. Is it possible to repair the problem and not have to get a new motor? Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.

My check engine light loves to be lighted. Today, the A/C was blowing rather warm. I turned off the recirculated air button, leaving the A/C button on. Suddenly: cold air. Pushed the recirculate button: More cold air. But, aha, also a check engine light. Is there a connection between the two or is the CEL something else? (Have had mass flow sensor, 02 sensors replaced)

The ESP light comes on in a curve and then it makes a loud noise?

The heater and fan along with the front windshield defroster do not work.

Passenger window is down. When we try to raise it, it goes up three inches, then reverses and goes back down. It has auto up and down feature, which may be part of the problem. Help?

I have a 1986 volkswagon gti that dies while driving. It will crank over like it wants to start, but wont. After a while it will start again. It will run for a day or so, and do it again. I had the fuel pump and relay replaced. We had a mechanic check the distributor, wire harness, idle, and they cant figure it out. It has been looked at 5 times, and still not fixed. Please help

what is the average cost of a starter replacement

My radiator seems to be damaged, the car overheated and when I opened the hood it was smoking and the fluid reserve was boiling and leaking. I tried letting it cool off then putting more fluid in the resivoir but it just goes from half full to empty. Can't findd the thermostat. It was fine, 156k miles, yesterday it just went all crazy. Overheats in about 15 min, sometimes it goes back down, but then eventually overheats again. Sometimes radiator light comes on when temp gauge seems fine. Always flashes when temp is high. I'M LOST, READY TO DRIVE IT IN THE RIVER!

is the torque converter clutch circuit on the outside of the transmission.

Change timing belt at 70,000 miles 2002 turbo s vw beetle has
has 120,000 when do i need to change it again?

how many miles could I put on this car before it's done. I'm thinking about buying it with 153,000 miles on it and was wondering how long I'll be able to keep it around until I graduate college (four to five years).

I have 12 OBD codes that indicate shorts to the ground. I want to remove a plastic cover in my engine compartment that houses the elecrtical wires from there through the fire wall. I can't for the life of me figure out how to remove it. It is behind the Air-filter housing and is curved upward. The upper lip goes under the hood liner. My Haynes manual does not tell me how to remove this item. Please help.

Is it possible to repair leaking window washer tank without having to remove it-big job to get at the tank!