How much more expensive are VW's to repair then other models?

i was told the security alarm system was set off and now will not start. any i dea what to do or how to reset this so car can be started

i got the old bushubgs out with an air chisnoe icant seem to get the new onesall the way in what is the proper way???

got a new battery and after cold weather with car not being used often battery went dead again, had it recharged last week and tonight my wife was driving it and the ABS light came on she pulled over and turned the the car off. It wouldn't start back up until I gave her a jump.

I wanted to know how much is the average cost to fix this problem if it is in fact the reverse gear itself

Napa performed a diagnostic, code, PO 441, "Purge flow fault". what is purge flow fault?

My check engine light has been on consistantly now for about 2 years. Prior to that it was an intermittent issue. Any one else having this problem?

My car engine light has come on. The code reads P0420 and was told that means it's the O2 sensor upstream. How much should that cost to fix (parts and labor)?

The timing chain went at around 50,000 miles. The dealer qouted $4,500 for repair and 1 1/2 weeks. Almost 4 weeks later they presented me with a bill for $6,000! Plus the door handle on the driver side went. That cost me almost $400. I couldn't find either issue in the estimate section.Anyone know if this was truly excessive for the repairs. I'm still angry about the cost of the timing chain. AND...the door handle is broken again.sigh...

I replaced me MAF sensor due to a fault code. Now the code came back after i cleared it. They show 2 different engines for 2004 Jetta a ALH and a BEW. The part that was sold to me was for the ALH should this matter does it need the MAF for the BEW engine.

About 5 months ago, I had to have my entire motor replaced due to a wreck (oil pan busted and my little sister drove it w/out oil for a mile) Before the wreck I was having no troubles starting my car, however when it got to the shop, obviously they couldnt start it up and run it bc the engine was seized up. $2000+ later, I had a new engine and was allowed to take my car home. I realize a used engine from another vehicle will run differently than my own. I was very aware of my car's noises before, and it almost felt like I was now driving a lawnmower. It was much louder and vibrated my car, unlike my original engine. On top of that, the very next day after I got the car back, it wouldnt start! Id turn the key and nothing would happen... no clicking...no turning over. I went back outside about an hour later and it started right up, so I drove it back to the shop. I had just paid them over 2k and my car wouldnt start, so as you can imagine I was quite irritated. But I held my tongue and politely explained what was happening. The guy got in, turned the key, and nothing happened, so he lifted the key straight up, and wahlah the car starts. He proceeds to turn to me, tell me its my ignition switch, and says itll be another $300 to replace it. He also claimed there was no way to prove it wasnt already like that since they couldnt start the car when it came in. I watched them on a couple of occasions when I had to come by the shop and they were constantly turning the car off and on in about 1-2min intervals. I dont claim to know anything about cars, so I dont know what they were doing at the time.

At the time of the ignition switch diagnoses, I had another vehicle and no money left to fix the problem, and I was so irritated that I just left and took the car home. Now Im in need of that vehicle and I have had more than enough time to think about the ignition switch and how it could have possibly been messed up before the wreck... and I cant imagine how it could have been me. Am I being had? Is this something the shop caused and they are blaming it on me? Is that a part that could just randomly go out and I should just stop being annoyed and pay for it? Should it cost $300 to have this part replaced?

Please help!

Replace Passenger Side view mirror as insides have rotted away.

I woke up witj two flat tires today and i want to know how much should I be paying for tires for my car.

is there a difference in replaceing a timing chain and timing belt?

sometimes I hear a popping noise when I let off of the clutch and give a little gas and then press the clutch without acclerating in speed, I actually hear it more when at a slow back up and sudden stop

I don't have a OM Manual on order but have not received.Two lights have just come on today but don't know what they mean??What does check engine light and temperature light or oil light look like??

Car is in time - the timing belt is good - when you try to crank it - Sounds like the timing belt is broke - as if
there is no compresion?

I took the car in for a recall (summer 2010). They did they did a moonroof recall also. We had not had any problem with the moonroof. After the moonroof recall it begin to open up any time it wanted to. Happens about once a month now and the switch remains on closed but it is open. Can't trust it anymore could open up in the rain or a thief could get in and steal valuables we may have. I talked to the dealership but they said I had to have it diagnosed and would cost me at least $100. They will refund me the money if it is their fault. What should I be prepared to say if they say it is not their fault.

Checked all fuses, replaced battery and starter.

Ok, i am looking at an '01 VW GTI, i havent purchased it yet. The owner mentioned a problem that he has with the car, he says after he puts fuel in the car, it wont turn over right away. No problems starting other than after refueling. I have seen this problem before on a few forums, but ive not seen anyone resolve it. Have you ever heard of this? Is this going to be the start of a major problem?? i really need to know before i make this purchase!!! Thank you

my 2005 jetta gls 2.0 was 6yrs old in feb. with 58k what would be my time frame for replacing the timing belt? as of now the only thing i have done is change oil/filters and front brake pads/tires.. I plan on bringing it in for a 60k service soon..thanks

My ac just stopped working can anyone help me?

I replased the timing belt, the car doesn't start how can I fix or adjust the timing.

hi, I have a 98 wolswagen golf 2.0L automatict transm, the transmission won't shift unless I step out of the acelerator pedal a bit, and them it shift fine, its not sliping it just won't shift, a mechanic told me that it could be the tps or something in the throtle , that send the signal the pcm saying when to shift, I had an spare throtle body assy with all the tps assy and changed and still nothing..any ideas , will apresiate it..thansk

my windshield wipers won;t work i can hear the cogs turning so i"m assuming that the linkage is off i need to know how to get to the linkage i need to se a diagram

does anyone know how much it cost to replace this engine with a new 2.0L?

When I go to start my car in the morning it starts then shuts off with in seconds. It takes pump the gas pedal to get it started, then i have to pump it to keep it from stalling out. Once i've pumped it enough it stays running and i dont have a promblem all day. It just occurs in the morning it seems.

Just bought a VW Jetta with a 2.0L engine and 69,000 miles.. Does this engine have a timing belt or chain and when does VW RECOMMEND replacement

When I started my car up, the light stayed on, car appeared to be shaking, it also blinked. My steering wheel has also been shaking pretty hard.

I just bought a VW Jetta with a 2.0L engine, and 69000 miles. when does VW recommend you change the timing belt? I can't find it in owners manual...Thanks in advance