Blew a serpentine belt,
put a new one one and car will not start. Odd, but fuel pump is no pumping fuel. Could broken belt hit something to cause this problem...What is the fuse #...? Bob

seems the fans are not coming on. neither the engine or condenser fan' any ideas?

Engine will spend over and its getting fire and gas but still won't start. It also has a Manfacurer Control Auxillary Emission Control code.

when i lock the doors you can hear the horn beep. when i push on the horn there is nothing .how do i remove the center part of the steering wheel to check horn contact without disturbing the airbag?

Car will not start, cranks. Wont turn over. Replaced the fuel filter today. Thought I ran out of gas,added gas & fuel cleaner. Same issue. Not too cold here in Tucson, mild days,cooler nights. What would be the next most common things to check without buying an expensive fuel pump?

we have no lights, high only

Engine emission odors come inside the car when I turn on the fan for heat or AC. Its not that the car floods with carbon monoxide, but it gets bad enough that I wont turn on the fan for anything. I tried closing the vent (recirculate) but I still get the odors. Not sure if this is coming from the exhaust manifoldm, but I definitely have an exhaust leak somewhere.

I've had the car for 5 1/2 months and driven 10,000 miles, when the clutch went out and the spider gear exploded from the transmission. I was coming up to a stop sign and depressed the clutch, heard a pop and the clutch would not come back up. When taken to dealer, they will not cover under my bumper to bumper warranty.

how do you replace front hood sensor?

1.when I turn the engine off, the "battery running" buzzing sound stay on, even when the key is out of the ignition. What could be malfunctioning? 2. My right running lamp stays on when the car is off, with (Q.1)and will drain the battery, so I have to disconnect the battery terminal, how can I fix this?

how to do it?

After a large amount of head scratching i cannot solve my issue. Every time i open or close a door, or rock my car back and forth....or really do anything other than look at it. The four way flashers begin to flash and there is an audible clicking sound in the dash just behind the night time light switch and dimmer. I presume it to be a relay of some sort. Any suggestions?

I have the 2011 VW Jetta S (base) model, and it doesnt have cruise control... roughly how much would it cost if i was to have VW put one in it??

Hello all,

My 2001gls is idling poorly(if at all). The vehicle is under 60k miles and very clean , Had new plugs installed a month or so ago and it remedied the problem for a bit of time but not long.Wondering if it may bee a consistent sensor or electronic element failure or....? I can nbot drive it to a code reader presently . I apreciate all input .
Thank you ,
V. Wee

How can I tell if my 1993 Classic Collectors Edition has California Emissions or not.

Where do you check the transmission fluid, I can't find anyplace to check it.

I have a 2002 WV Passat 1.9 TDI manual transmission with about 170K miles (got dealear service until under warranty) and wondering how often is the transmission oil need a change ? I found people saying that isn't really require change unless pan was touched, but as I haven't got any manual with the car (I'm second owner), I can't be sure on this, let me know if you have any advice. Thanks

Also the EPC light comes on. Battery tested good. There is a dead short in it somewhere, right? I can drive 4 days with no problems and then it goes dead after I have been driving for 30 minutes.

the engine misses, not all the time, but on hills, or when it gets hot. When it get hot and I shut it down and restart it runs ok? I have put 30,000 miles on the car since I've owned it, I bought is used at 68,000 now has 108,000.

I don't really know how to describe it. Car starts fine. Start driving - seems fine - then all of a sudden I lose acceleration power and have to sit on the side of the road not being able to accelerate. I've had luck driving it around a parking garage until the problem goes away but then when I get to my destination and get back in the car - the same thing AGAIN!

Ran out of oil now knocking sound when rev up passed 2500 rpm. Never owned a vw before so do I have to split cases to replace rod bearing or whatever it is and can it be a bent pushrod or something not so extensive?

Hello I managed to take out the old distributor cap in my 97 VW Golf, but I can put on the the new one back in it's place, the clamps ton't reach and wont close properly, what am I doing wrong, I can't even put on back the old cap! Please let me know if there is a trick to this cap and rotors? Thanks. Ron

01222 code for crash sensor side air bag location passenger side.
Fault defect no,G180.

i have a 92 slc vr6 corrado and i would like to find directions to removing the water pump so i can replace the gasket which i do believe is leaking. any help is appreciated tyvm...josh :D

A mechanic advised me he only uses Mobil-1 Synthetic oil because it best for engines. He said Pennzoil creates a film and Valvoline gets foamy, but of which are bad.

My Passat has 121,000 miles but I am currently only driving a few thousand miles per year, some months only 150 miles. He said at that rate, I can change the oil only once per year as long as I change the filter every six months.

Is all this true? If so, is it worth it to spend $80-100 for this once per year oil change?

i left my dome light on in my car over the week=end and and drained the battery completely dead i took it the advance auto to charge and it took 9hr to full charge i put the battery back in my car and the car will idle fine go in reverse fine but once i put it in first gear it will go for a sec the sputter and then die out out on me but the car will fire right up after it dies and do the same thing over and over again

The air conditon works fine on the driver side, but on the passenger side niether of the vents are blowing any air..

I have a VW Trike and wanted to know if anyone knew who can work on them. I would like my engine tuned and I have a Hydrolic cluts that is leaking. thanks

one time issue

Im looking for an engine for my VW Jetta GLX, 1997. Anybody know where i can get one.