Replaced front wheel bearings and hub, but still have play in up and down movement in wheel,could this be the axle?

while driving hood open alarm comes on. Also when parked with engine off and doors locked alarm sounds. Can this be the hood sensor as it can prevent windshild washer/wipers working.

replacing airbags,but dont know where module is located.found used parts to replace.

I have had the P0455 CEL on my 1999 Beetle for a while. I inspected the Cannister and couldn't detect any cracks or leaks. I took it to a shop and they told me it was the gascap. I changed it out and the code came back. I took it back a while later and they did another diagnostic and told me it was the purge valve. Instead of paying them to fix it, I ordered the valve and installed it. The code came back after 2 days. I checked the voltage and it was about 8V. That seemed low. The valve doesn't ever open. I also didn't notice any pressure or vacuum on the hose between the valve and the cannister. Should there be pressure at this valve all of the time? What should the voltage be to open the valve? If there is no pressure at this valve, does that indicate a problem with the leak detection pump? Thanks.


the car wont start after it rains, there is a crack on the air filter cover,

What can i do to stop the oil light from beeping and to get the engine light to shut off.

I have a 1999 VW Jetta 2.0L Engine. It overheats after running it for approximately 10 to 15 minutes.The fan (s) do not kick on at all. I have replaced the thermo switch as well as the module relay, but still it is overheating. Any and all help,suggestions are highly appreciated. Thank you and God bless.

i have a 2001 vw beetle, the turn signals, wipers, ac/heater fan and lights don't turn on. i have checked the fuses and everything looks fine.

Which garage would do the best timing belt ,water pump, seals,service for my tdi and vw beetle 2001

when i press on the brakes,the brake lights&park lights come on, but when release, both the tail&park lights goes off.

Checked the fuel pump and relay but still no go. Also noticed I'm not getting any dash indicators or warning tone when I turn the key on. What could it be?

Low beam headlights went off, Lowbeams working day running light position. Now Low beam will work in on position but the dashboad lights don't go on together. Both work when I have the switch in the halfway position.
Changed Headlight switch. Mechanic says now its the signal switch? What does the #8 headlight relay fuse do or is it a ground? any sugestions?

I have a 1996 jetta GL and I was wondering which years are interchangeable with my body style. The front end has damage and I would like to purchase used parts for it but do not know which years are compatible

van was working then stalled once,then when starting had to hold gas down,now it wont start at all check wires new dis. and roto

i have some yellow paste inside the engine(water and oil mix)but i don't loose prestone.

i did change the head gasket a year ago, do you think is coming from my pcv valve?
i driving 15 miles per day.

While drtiving or as soon as key ignition, a pictogram of car shows hood flashing and bell rings to my anoyance.

convertable car and the rear head restraints will not lock down as i have pushed down but will not lock. passengers air bag light is blinking and the air bag light on the dash panel stays on.

I replaced the TCM and shifting is back! Hard into 3rd. Does it need to be reprogramed?

I'm changing the transmission fluid and don't know how much I need.

My drivers side window only goes up or down if I put the key in the door, a couple times it has gone up and down on its own and will not go back up unless I stop the car, get out, and turn the key on the door. The front passenger window will only go down from the passenger door, once down, it will not go up from the control panel on the drivers side door. The doors will randomly lock when i am driving. One time the horn went off and remained on for 2 hours (this was during a heavy rain storm) These problems began about 6 months ago, but seem to be getting worse! The window's have not worked for a solid month now! I'm wondering if it is window switch, wire disconnect, motor? Any suggestions would be appreciated greatly. Thank you

engine light just came on. checked for codes and recieved code p0455 evaporative emission control system leak. is car safe to drive until corrected.what is the solution of correction for this code . thank you for your help

when attempting to add coolant or to check to make sure the coolant level as where its supposed to be there is no radiator cap which is frustrating it looks like there is a coolant overflow reservoir located on the driver side near the firewall i just want to be sure that this the correct place to add coolant if applicable it is weird looking round shaped and near the master cylinder it also has some symbol on the cap with what appears to be an etching of a thermometer is this in fact the coolant overflow? please help me i know its a dumb question but it is frustrating to me thank you

no diagnostic codes but a/c blows warm it seems pressurebhas to build up for it to work and cool

When attempting to start my car, the engine turns over then immediatly shuts off. Could this a cpu or a security system problem?

The engine light its on, and shows the code P0135

how do i know if an axsel is broken in my car???

What is a gear sensor?

How much more expensive are VW's to repair then other models?

i was told the security alarm system was set off and now will not start. any i dea what to do or how to reset this so car can be started