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diesel beetle 2001 automatic shutters anytime its under a load. Could it be torque converter? It seems to shift fine.

Problem occurs at every startup. The dealer wanted to recharge the AC, but that is a joke, as the AC is plenty cold once the compressor kicks in. 5 to 7 minutes is an unacceptable delay, as we are hot and sweaty by the time we get cool air from the AC. Thanks!

My engine won't turn over. It will crank as long as my husband sprays ether into it, but it dies as soon as the ether burns off.

I was driving my VW Jetta and all of sudden EPC light came on and the vehicle lost power. I have fitted a radio that i bought not factory fitted. I have also change the gear box from automatic to manual. Kindly help and what should i do

when in drive wont shift from 3rd up or down. can manually shift 1st 2nd 3rd but no 4th. Is this a sensor or a throttle body problem?

could not get wheeles alignment

I replaced the ABS system in the car. The dealer, who has little experience with Eurovans, said it would be very expensive to turn the indicator lights off. Is this true, or is there a reset somewhere?

How much does it cost to replace the convertables top?

Hello, I'm thinking about replacing the injector nozzles in my 03 Beetle TDI. I already chipped it with RC stage 1. My question to the experts would be: What kind of nozzles should I go with (I'm trying to avoid excessive smoke) 184, 205 or 216?


My 1999 vw beetle started having what we thought were fuel problems. We replaced the fuel filter, relay and fuel pump. Now when I turn on the ignition, the pump kicks on but immediately shuts off.

2000 vw jetta coolant light is one my gauge is reading 260 degrees but yet my car is not actually overheating , and id i try to put the heat on it comes out cold, Ive already change thermostat and temp sensor. Does anyone have any other option

Thank you so much. Replaced fuel filter, got info on fuel relay & other fuel related. Taking one step at a time. Did take to a mechanic, his first suggestion was replacing the ignition & key at a cost of $1-3,000. I dont see where the problem points to this. Could it be a key problem? I lost the origianl ignition key and have been using a spare key. I see from this website that this could be a problem on other model vehicles. Thanks again.

my oil was leaking and I took it into the mechanic. He did some re-sealing but said if continues to leak that it will need housing replacement. Is this something that I can find used or is it best to let him get the part for lots of $$?

the switch to my fan seems to be broken. my air conditioner is not working now. the switch turns but does make any air come out. the button below that for the air goes in but doesn't always turn the air on. Sme times it goes on but as i am driving just goes off.

we just recently bought a 2003 volkswagen jetta gls 2.0. after the car warms up it shifts hard from 2nd to 3rd gear. what would cause that to happen and what is a fix for that

Is replacing only the brake fluid in the fluid reservoir good enough or must I have a mechanic do a whole system fluid flush? I don't have any braking issues and the fluid looks fine, but it has been about 5 years and 50,000 miles since it was last replaced.

The knob that controls both rear view mirrors and the heater for same just broke off. What's it going to cost to replace it? Thanks.

first thanks. that problem happen when start engine. car start after several time .hent my battry good spark plug good my engine 1400 4cylinder petrolim (92) help me pls

I, was low on gas, put3gal in. drove 2 miles car lost power.Restarted it,won`t take gas when pumping pedal.I think bad gas possible. What do you think?Changed fuel filter, already.

I don't know the diagnostic code for this car. It has over 130,000 miles and I really need my indicator lights repaired, please help.

timing chaing marks

My VW- 4 motion, runs roughly or a lack of power upon acceleration and The Check Engine Light will often flash.

How do I change the spark plugs in a 2003 VW Beetle?

charging sustem light is illuminated on dash while driving,
checked voltage at battery terminals while vehicle is running, shows 11 vdc. what is my problem?

my heater blower works but no heat from the vents. heat gage is stable

Blew a serpentine belt,
put a new one one and car will not start. Odd, but fuel pump is no pumping fuel. Could broken belt hit something to cause this problem...What is the fuse #...? Bob

seems the fans are not coming on. neither the engine or condenser fan' any ideas?

Engine will spend over and its getting fire and gas but still won't start. It also has a Manfacurer Control Auxillary Emission Control code.

when i lock the doors you can hear the horn beep. when i push on the horn there is nothing .how do i remove the center part of the steering wheel to check horn contact without disturbing the airbag?

Car will not start, cranks. Wont turn over. Replaced the fuel filter today. Thought I ran out of gas,added gas & fuel cleaner. Same issue. Not too cold here in Tucson, mild days,cooler nights. What would be the next most common things to check without buying an expensive fuel pump?