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heater switch only works on 4
Both brake and taillights have been replaced by me and they still do not work. Specific lights needed? Fuse problem? Bungled the job?
the first line on the fuse box on the engine gets really hot. to the point where the epc lights comes on and the generator ind. lamp comes on then lost of all power in the car
When I'm driving (gas tank is full), the accelerator idles on the freeway. I don't take it out of gear, and there are no warning lights. I have regular maintenance checks, and all the parts are up to date. I have a m...
When I start my car sometimes the brake light on the dash board stays on as if the handbrake is up when it isn't. Does it damage the car to drive when that happens? If I put it back to P for a minute it mostly switche...
I got the left axel changed on my car as it needed it but after about 9 months now when I turn right it makes a rattling sound just for the bend and then stops and drives fine all other times. Does it mean there's so...
I just bought the car and drove it 5 times with no issues at all but all of a sudden the speedometer and tachometer?? does not work. Any suggestions?
The gear shift is stuck in park.
Looking for an estimate and where to take my vehicle for transmission fluid leaking.
why does my center console and the door lights blink on and off when the car is running? An the dome light won't come on?
was told my pressure switch on the a/c needed changed, I need to know where it is located so I can change it myself and need to know if the system has to be discharged first. Is there any other websites that show you...
I have an unusually high drain rate on my battery when the car is not in use. If not used for several days the battery will go dead. Everything electrical works perfectly. The dealership acknowledges there is a dra...
a/ c does not blow cold everything is working and has new freon in it?
Where is the thermostat and the Engine Coolant Temparature Sensor in a 1994 VW Eurovan 2.5L 5 cylinder gasoline engine?
Does my 2.8l V 6 need an oil pan gasket?
Both Headlight assemblies lenses are discolored and scratched. I have new ones but do not know the procedure to disassemble and reassemble the existing. Thank you
wipers run for no reason dont have a rain sensor, but i can get them to stop when i turn on and off the rear wiper. any ideas?
I know I'm asking two totally different questions in one here, but I need some help, I need to know where on the steering rack it says ZF or TRW because I need tie rods and nobody wants to help me. Also, my speedo/tac...
In my 2005 Beetle, the coolant light beeped and came on, by the time I exited the highway the light went out. When I checked all my fluid levels they were exactly where they should be. When taking it to the dealersh...
when the lights are on the lights that are suppose to be on are not on in the rear on both sides. the brake lights come on but when the let go of the brake all lights are off when the dimmer lights are suppose to be o...
I'm trying to change the thermostat and tried using a socket with extension and it did not fit...does another part need to be removed to get to it?
I had an engine diagnostic done and got repair codespo101 & po734 on my 2005 vw jetta. I have not had my transmission fluid changed since I got the car 1 1/2 years ago, could this be part of the problem as well?
the odometer reading is on all the time. is this a concern in regards to draining battery
I have lost all the coolant out of my 1997 VW Golf 2.0L car. It has leaked out from the passenger side of the firewall. Is this a heater core issue? I pulled over on the side of the road when it started to heat up ...
does anyone know where i can get an innexpensive convertible top for my 01 cabrio? or at lease an easy fix for it? i just recently bought it and the glue in the back by the window has come undone.
The car makes a loud clicking sound when I turn at slow speeds, what could cause this?
where is the heat sheild located for the starter. and how much do they cost
I broke a timing chain at the back part of the engine. Is the any step by step instructions to repair
Trying to find the filters location and procedure to replace it on my 2001 VW jetta deisel