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I have a vw passat 2.0 TDI on a 55 plate.
After i have been driving a while i get a fault comes up on my dash saying po234 turbo super charger over boost condition. what can i do to find the fault.

help please

my brake pedal goes to floor, but will pump up after several hits on pedal. have bled brakes, checked wheel cyl for leaks. Also idles perfectly until I try to accelerate from stop. once moving fine. Am thinking vacuum somewhere?

The problem has been for 7 months now, It has gone in to 3 diffrent speicalized shops. The car is still doing the same thing nothing was fixed all 3 times just exhausted all my money. The car will cranck over sometime(warm weather)but it either will not start or it will start but it will stall and turn off. When it's cold it cranks a few times but does not start at all. Once the car is started though it stays on and I can shut it off as long as It is driven for a little or to let the temp get to the middle of the temp gage. If I let it sit for longer than 1 hour or long it will not start again especially if it's cold out. This is what has been changed the ignition engine coils. The crank shaft position sensor (Twice) The crank shaft position hose. The spark plugs. The complete engine was replaced.( It didn't start when I went to get the car the first time). None of the shops can pin point it they keep giving recommendations I pay for them and still have the same problem. $6, 000 later and 7 months later. Do you think it's the fuel system flush or the N 80 purge valve, the pistons, cylinders, combustion chamber coil pack harness spark plug wires? Heat core?

How to replace the expansion valve on ac system

is it necessary to replace the expansion valve when replacing the ac compressor. Should you flush it with the old drier the install the new one. The expansion valve is behind the motor, how do you get to it if it must be replaced?

occurs when engine has been warmed up

my car has a supercharge on the top of the engine how do i change the sparkplugs on it

vehicle running hot

When i put the key in the ignition the radio, air conditioning, etc., on, but the car will not start. what should I do? It is currently in a parking lot.

I change the exhust manifold, now cant get the car to start. it acts like it wants to start even kinda starts for a couple seconds then dies.

On my 92 jetta the a/c,water pump and alternator belts keep losing the proper adjustment as the car is driven for a day or two.....why is that?

hi, i am buying a 1994 jetta with 116k miles. ive never owned a jetta, I have only owned hondas,toyotas and acuras. So, when my boyfriend test drove the jetta he wasnt sure if it is normal for it to feel sort of tired when punching the gas?

2003 vw jetta passagner side strut -piece broke off

Does the windows on a 2001 vw beetle go all the way down or just halve way.


where is the thermastat located and how long will the job take

I just bought a 2003 pasat glx 2.8 with a bad motor I replaced it myself it will start but it has a really rough idle. I know on some cars there is a sequence to resetting the computer is their anything you recommend I try or will it need to be reprogrammed by a professional anything will be helpful

Do I need to use 5w-40 or can I go with 10w-30 t run in this motor?

driver side power window very slow to close

The car was working fine i feel the battery is not dead but still the car does not start .This has happened for the first time can u please let me know what is the problem

My daughter has a 2001 VW Cabrio. I'm never sure if the oil level should be checked with the engine warm or cold.

the left headlight including high beam and the cd player don't come on.

if my timimg belt and water pump is replaced, do i have to set the timing on the camshaft?

I don't know how to get the black cover off to get to the air filter can someone tell me how?

how to instol cabin air filter...e mail

code P0204

Hi I need a little help with this 2001 cabrio. The check Engine light comes on with the code P1476. This car has 165080 kms on it.I need to know the proper name of the valve under the rear bumper On the RHS. it looks like a small hose is broken off? will this cause the INT check Engine light? The screws look very rusty holding the sensor in. it has 2 wires . My email is

Continental (Conti-Seal) tires...all 4 "cupped" interior side - no other wear on tires (feathering, bulging, etc) 30,000 miles. Dealer says it's an alignment issue (based on visual wear of tires); independent source checked alignment and said no alignment required. Checked suspension and everything is fine. Suspect this is a tire issue?

Emergency Power Control code on the dash

The battery light comes on when braking. The car has cut off three times while in the process of stopping; once yesterday and twice today.

water is boiling every time i drive it