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can someone direct me to some instructions on how to change the ect myself?

The release lever for the fuel door on the left hand drivers side does not open the fuel door.Had been working fine and no other noted problems with accessories or equipment. I cannot locate a dedicated fuse on the fuse panel or an emergency release inside trunk area and have been using a screw driver to jimmy fuel door open at fill-ups.

My 1997 VW Jetta is constantly running on the verge of overheating near the 230 mark on thermostat, I have replaced the thermostat, the radiator cap, almost everything that I can think of. Does anyone know anything else that might be causing it?

Happens all the time while driving.

we got a quote to replace the muffler for 247. We we got to the shop they told us that the resonator had fallen off and the repair would be around 500. Please let me now if this is a reasonable quote or if the resonator is part of the muffler and he is making this stuff up


doug Mohrmann

what does it mean with the blue coolent light comes on the dashboard?

we have a 2005 jetta volkswagan and there is a display that says no entry what does this mean

light came on and I saw that coolant was low. had radiator flushed and refilled. now level is low again. just how much coolant goes into a eurovan

A/C unit is charged. Mechanic says there is an obstruction in the expansion valve and needs to be replaced

Does the volkswagon beetle have a timing belt and what miles does it have to get changed at?

Not working AC..

steering column makes noise when turning right, added power steering fluid. no change. what could it be?

I added power steering fluid & it did not change. nose started 2 days ago. what could it be?

I need a new drive shaft how much should it be?

The electric windows on my 2011 Golf TSI have intermittently opened whilst the car was not running and my car, is therefore, at significant risk of theft. Was wondering if this was a known defect, and if so how do I go about rectifying the problem.

Is it difficult to install a water pipe or should i have someone else do it for me.

the alarm started sounding every time i try to start the car i didnt get the remote with it how do i turn the alarm off

how much would it cost to repair a blown headgasket

Have a 90 golf gti 1.8 & car was running fine till one day it quits on me. engine turn over but, wont start. replaced the whole distributor with a new one & still wouldn't start. another mechanic told me that there's no electric going to spark plug.

thank you,

My check engine light came on and error code P0501 showed telling me my vehicle speed sensor needs to be replaced. Speedometer don't work and my gas gaudge acts up. I don't know where this part is located on my car and don't know how much it will cost for the part. In need of advice please help

my engine is shaking when it is running?

How do I turn off brake light in center of dash cluster? (circle with 3 lines on each side)

Every time I put my car in reverse, there's a loud clanging noise. What has to be done to correct this?

is it still okay to drive eventhough i need to get a caliber car will be getting worked on this friday

trans do not shift from 1st gear...

Have problem removing front strut to replace with new one.

I was driving on the freeway, car felt like it jerked a little, the EPC and engine lights came on and like 15 minutes later the car lost power, I know what EPC stands for,any idea as to what it could be? and can that be expensive to fix? need help

Dealer said to replace the mass air flow sensor. I did, now my car won't start?

I have a vw passat 2.0 TDI on a 55 plate.
After i have been driving a while i get a fault comes up on my dash saying po234 turbo super charger over boost condition. what can i do to find the fault.

help please

my brake pedal goes to floor, but will pump up after several hits on pedal. have bled brakes, checked wheel cyl for leaks. Also idles perfectly until I try to accelerate from stop. once moving fine. Am thinking vacuum somewhere?