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change throttle pedal sensor but still light on

work as A direct swap ?

Battery drains down and car dies causing no power at all. When i jumped it off it was running until i put in drive. Then when i pushed accelerator to go nothing happened. Was like it was idling but not accelerating.

What does the ANW Sensor mean on my 2007 Volkswagen Passat

So I went to fill up my car with gas and the gauge is still marking less then a quarter tank after filling it

Everything electrical is still operational

Its a vr6 and I can't tell if its got a timing chain or timing belt. I have been told the knocking sound is the timing chain guide broke but I can't tell where it's located.

top radiator hose swelled so changed the oil light started flashing and buzzard going off put new oil switch on oil filter changed valvecover gasket cleaned out screen in oil pump but still doing it what could it be

I need a manual for a 2009 Eurovan

A/C compressor clutch never disengages. The system is full of freon gets cold sometimes, sometimes it don't.

My car was leaking water from the thermostat housing I replaced it now The thermostat gage temperature needle is marking 230 degrees Fahrenheit and climbing what is causing it

I checked and tested the coilpack its fine but it still misfire my spark plug 3 doesnt spark on my vw golf mk4 gti 2001 model please help.

The car starts when I add ether, but just for a few seconds after it just shuts off.

When i let off the gas to switch gears it knocks under my feet, if i keep the speed up it stops. Is it my cv shaft or could it be something else?

I could not find the estimated cost on the estimator for replacing the transmission so I don't know if I am getting a good price from the repair pal mechanic.

My cars traction control system is not working and the traction light on the dash will not turn off will this stop me from being able to get my car registered and inspected in northern Utah

The check engine light has given me error code 00515. The problem has been identified as a bad ECM module, resulting from the replacement of my exhaust system (this is what I was told by the shop that did the damage). Does this make sense? Looking for a replacement module or repair of my current ECM. Part # 023906024A

Mechanical doing routine maintenance suggested I get new brakes

This happens intermittently - the check engine light will come on then go off shortly after. Also getting a "steering wheel lock defect" error half the time when I start my car.

Diacnostic codes
P0762, p0748

I'm replacing spark plugs need to know the gap recommended.

I touch some wiring 10 sec then nothing.

Could it be vacuum line?

When rotors are not warn?

No fuses blown good battery

front end vibrates at high speed

When im at a complete stop my car jumps and then when its time for me to go the act like it dont want to accelerate


Top hose cold bottom one hot

The dealership is quoting me $1,300.00