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service engine soon light has been on for a week
what kind of things can I do or fix or where to go and take care of the issues thanks in advance! it is a slow leak
Also is wearing my tyres out prematurely. I think maybe the stearing rac may need rebuilt. I need confirmation from someone who has had experience with Audi's in the past and who may have an idea on cost.
after I drive it for 20-30 minutes it will be very loud and van will cut off of and then when I open up the oil cap is very hot and smoking top of the motor but temperature gauge shows okay
went to start car and every thing comes on but starter is not getting power
If so, why and how without taking to a dealership. Too expensive.
Radio panel and clock lights out?
It started the first time took it around the corner turned it off now it turns over but want crank could u tell me whats wrong?
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