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only occurs when turning.Have replaced all upper & lower ball joints
When I accelerate it stays on, but also jilts when going to 2nd and 3rd.
What way do you turn the key to open the trunk?
I have a 1990 5.0l bronco five speed, sometimes when I start it shell fucking fly like a mustang and make it to 6000 rpm with ease and and then others she's slow as shit and doesn't like to go beyond 4000 rpm, any ide...
when I put it in drive it takes off but revs up real high a want shift into second or third but first and reverse work fine
When I first got it;it ran fine then I noticed the timing went out of whack it runs hot and when you drive it maybe 9 miles after it hears it will not start after you shut it off. Looks to be rebuilt? Suggestions?
This happens only when A/C or heater is on full blast or just below it.
Windows will not go down radio turn on and off The whole instrument panel is down