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I've had my 2013 Nissan Altima since August. It seemed to be driving fine until 2 weeks ago. It lurched forward, jumped and shuddered when letting off the brake, then 10 minutes later I came to a stop and it felt as i...
I believe its the shift solenoid but am not getting any codes from comp. Should i replace it anyway. Thanks.
When I'm driving it goes bck up. I have had my oil change so that's not it. Why is this happening
A shed is a simple structure usually used as a garage or workshop. A shed can vary in size and can be constructed in various ways. There are small, medium and large sized sheds. Sheds can be made of wood, plastic or m...
It has air bag suspension it sat for like 6 months,now it doesnt have the ac because it all was removed lines are still open,but the truck starts right up everytime then shuts right back off 3 seconds later
Car ran fine until I changed fuses and curcut breakers
I have taken off the door panel and I can see that the window is off the track and the back regulator is not connected to the window. I tried reconnecting the regulator and putting the window on track and I was able t...
It was working fine then quit but would come on after 5-6 min. and continue cooling. The clutch relay was replaced and now it doesn't cool at all.