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I had to drive through very high water. This pulled down the front under pinning of my car. I'm concerned about damaging my C-joints, etc. thank you!
Well every morning my car dont want to turn on i got battery checked they said that it was good, i put a new starter about 2-3 months ago they tested the alternator and that is also good so im confused on what it is.....
so if we are driving and come to a complete stop it says it going 10 miles instead of 0 and thats only after we been driving for a while . other then that if i go turn it on right now and drive it since it hasent been...
2005 audi a4 ac evaporator is cold but blows hot air could that be the heater control valve
Radiator coolant steam out of tubing behind the engine n firewall with no access near the driver side n fuses. .help what to do right.. how to remove the tubing to the core behind the firewall properly. Help ..
What is the price for a hydraulic system repair. What does it mean when when the light stays on. Please only honest answers. Iv'e already been taken for 700.00. I am disabled and can't afford these rip offs. Please h...
lever will not move it. it is jammed i guess how do we fix this
It will not shift when it gets hot
It jerks while driving, sometimes won't go over 70mph, and smoke is coming out of the tailpipe