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2004 Oldsmobile Alero stuck in Park. HELP PLEASE
How can I fix it this is my driver side manual sliding door
When I connect th car battery cables to th battery smoke starts comeing outta of th alternator
It stalls after about fifteen seconds after pouring gas in the carb.
There are a bunch of little things going on in my car: -Power locks don't work -Clock inside the dash board doesn't work -The memory on the trip clock doesn't keep the information when I turn the car fully off an...
It just started without indicating any problems prior.
hold petal to floor rpms come up and runs good till you stop and start again boggs down
still not connecting using T-Mobile. Almost hour gone by told him go repair tablet come back. Grabbed his cell phone and had tablet connect then said coil wire bad it was 6 which he moved to 5 but really it is number...
replaced fuel injectors and lost o-rings on input fuel line connector, need info on how to put the 2 o-rngs on .or into connector.