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problem just accured, not using it til Iget it fixed. replaced the ignition switch, no difference cant see any wires broke or rubbed, hoping for some insight
I found it in front of the radiator. It has a wire that runs to it bit was not connected. I can send a pict through email to show u its connected to the. Frame
The seats won't slide back and forth but they will adjust up and down is this a sensor issue or something greater. Please help!!!!
or how much should it cost to have it done?
My car started just fine then I needed to wiggle the shifter in and out of park to get it to start. when that doesn't work if you move the wheel up and down and wiggle the shifter around it would start now that's not ...
This vibration only happens when I brake? What is a fair estimate to fix?
I have got the trucks cracked up dash off. . Noticed why the radio not working. there is not even a wire harness to hook it up.. Just for looks i guess.. The wires are open cleaned like your hand spread apart. But i c...
Dirt got between the plug and the heat shield and the spark plug socket will not go in far enough to get the plugs out. So I would lik to take the heat shields out. How do you do that?