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I used to hear a squealing noise (like a belt going bad) but, that was when AC was still working. The noise completely stopped and coincidently so did the cold air.... Is this my compressor? I hope it's something else...
started it back up and the pedal went all the way to the floor, i look under the car and fluid dripping from my transmission area by the slave cylinder i guess, any help please
siena 2011 69000 mi toyota service center I call they can not support it is no warent. check fee is $280. fix fee is $2400 it is wandering I did buy for siena is stable car. I can i do.
Engine cranks no start. Fuel pressure good. will run when using ether sprayed in throttle body.
where should I look since the panic button will not shut it off. Have to let it cycle and it be OK the latest if the passenger door opens up while it is running it will go off also. Where should I look.
The first spark plug on the right side keeps breaking. This wasn't an issue till I changed everything.
and the engine light my mec said it is the throttle body he put a re built in and it started again he said gm recalled them please help.......
The car will start right up after its been sitting for a couple of hours but if i start it an cut it off it wont start right back up until the car has sat for a couple of hours