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The gear selector slide I find is a smooth black plastic piece. The one that came originally was a stepped piece. How do I find that part number and availability?
Abs lite. Comes on after driving 5 mins ,parking brake lite comes on also. Everythg appears normal.
I was sitting in car, ready to start motor, touched brakes and heard a clicking noise behind glove box/airbag area, and also in shifter box between front seats. Brakes are new. Is this normal?
Oil changed 5/19/15 on 5/20/15 after drvin abt 100 miles in town drvin trk dropped pres shut off oil still full there's now a small leak and it will not start bk up. I was told its the oil pres switch?
I was driving along the highway on the gravel road when suddenly my car developed a strange blowing like noise. I later discovered that the sound came on each I pass through a pool of water. Later it started misfiring...
thaat can happen because my vehicle only take full synthetic
it tends to vibrate when ever I apply gas at around 35-45 mph,could it be my u joints or driveshaft if so what would it cost too be fix