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Oil leak with crankshaft, idling problem, crack in radiator
Came on as I was driving home from work last night...
Also same question with radiator crack. All problems happened in short period of time.
Also crack in radiator could it be tampered with. Car repairs happened all at once in short period of time?
dear all i had 2008 SE ford edge american specification and i live in saudi arabia. the car in very nice condition its milage is 102.000 every thing is working optimal but i have just one problem the shifting from...
Someone used the wrong key in my car and my key has a chip in it
Hi What is the location of the camshaft sensor ? thanks,
a series of steps were : if I left the lights on for just about 3 to 5 minutes, the car it will not start . it needs jumper then the soft top stop working the switch it is no longer illuminated, last the alarm lights...