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dear all i had 2008 SE ford edge american specification and i live in saudi arabia. the car in very nice condition its milage is 102.000 every thing is working optimal but i have just one problem the shifting from...
Someone used the wrong key in my car and my key has a chip in it
Hi What is the location of the camshaft sensor ? thanks,
a series of steps were : if I left the lights on for just about 3 to 5 minutes, the car it will not start . it needs jumper then the soft top stop working the switch it is no longer illuminated, last the alarm lights...
Need help with how to diagnose electrical problem with DIC readings, temp guage airbag lite, but cluster checks out ok.
All of my air rides are in need of being replaced due to well its a 2003 so it's apparently that time. I am just trying to find the right ones to buy on the internet. Needs some direction please.
I replaced the master cylinder and new brake fluid. No air in brake lines. What do I need to check?
My prelude has an F22b1 and it sputters when i accelerate and aswell as loss of power accelerating. It also stalls due to low rpms when i stop at a light or sign. Just changed spark plugs and distributor cap idk whats...