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when put in forward gear there is a squeel like a belt slipping
Back wheels are wearing uneven. Tread looks like a roller coaster.
My car seemed to drive okay on the way & when I arrived. At lunch time..started my car & the light has not flashed again, even on the drive home. Should I be concerned or do I need to follow this up? Thanks in advance.
when transmission is put in forward gear there is a sound like a belt slipping
Wen i tried turning it.on it.wouldnt was.on my way home and it.turn off now it.dont wanna start at all and it.makes a weird sound
I blew the in line fuse 30amp to my toggle switch, and my van only runs 5 min. each time since about. A green 30amp fuse large in the relay box was corroded but the fuse tester said it was still good, replaced. I put ...
'03 Ford Ranger, all maintenance has been kept up to date. Check engine light came on ~ 1 month ago. Local mechanic changed the oxygen sensor upstream. Was fine for 1 day, then light came back on. Took to AAMCO and th...
I'm in a need of a tranny and found an 04 coupe one for my 05 car wondering if it would fit my 05 g35 coupe
This occurs maybe once or twice a week if at all
I have a 1993 Dodge B350 15 passenger van, and I'm trying to find out which other Dodge models can be used to "swap" transmissions. I've heard that you can tell the specs by certain digits in the VIN but I don't know ...