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When the key is in the lock position, the key is out and the accessories stay on. It also has drained the battery. To test the ignition key we have the attach jumper cables to power the truck. I have also changed ...
The battery is good and change the spark plugs but nothing changes. Help please.
My 2004 Audi S4 4.2L CEL came on this weekend the codes are p0174 and p0175 system to rich bank 1 and 2. Check air filter and it looks clean, could this be a Mass airflow sensor? What should be my plan of attach or si...
If I hit a bump or hold the window button and tap the center console they all come back on do they have a common ground what is the common denominator in the center console for all three?
About five weeks ago I had the front drivers side tire replaced on my aviator. Tire kingdom put the wrong size on. I had extreme difficulty driving afterwards. Once the issue was rectified, it has not been driving smo...
vehicle is manual trans and hsa will only work if you are trying to climb a mountain
when u turn the truck off it has like a gurgling sound or something like tht coming from the fuel tank.Only does it after trucks been running or whn its hot outside
driving back from nashville and noticed the sound
what decides the angle of the hill and does it use a mercury tube if so where is it located, the hsa only works is you are trying to climb a mountain.
Truck over heats at stops unless I rev the motor. Not every stop though. Plus the truck has close to 300,000mi.Engine is still strong and I have changed the oil regularly with full synthetic. I am the original owner.