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My car was shaking and it cut off on me and would not start so I got is tuned up and it runs but every time the car brakes it shakes even when u turn it on it shakes what could it be?
I need to get it top dead center and have already broke the part on one new distributor
Took it to the shop and they said it was my abs hydraulic pump came up when they ran diagnostic tests I didn't get it fixed yet but that was when I had only my abs light is on and caution light was on now my check eng...
I have changed the sparkplugs and swapped the coils and the same error appears, so it is not the spark plugs and not the coil. I have put injector cleaner in the fuel and run about 1/2 a tank, still no improvement. ...
We have had to change the ignition control module in the past and have changed it just this week since it's not ran. Not sure what else we can do?
At speed, (2007 Lucerne) when I go into passing gear via foot petal their is chatter from the engine compartment. Only happens then so can't check it out. What do you think? Water engine......
There us oil leakong from the top and from 3 areas from the bottom. Constantly putting oil at least a quart every 2 weeks
I just had the car in for transmission service and when I got it back the AC now doesn't work. The light just flashes when I turn it on