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I was driving without AC over a year now and just found fan clutch needs to be replaced. Considering replace both...
They just tested with a ome meter the Vacuum Air inTake meter it is registering 250, does it need to be replaced. If not wwhat can be the issue? all of the hoses are new.
sounds like sucking air can hold accelerator down still won't go will jump then go
can you switch to coil springs without the EBM ?
Water is getting in my trunk somehow only under the spare tire and the side in front of the lights. It was only the right side,but today the right side started getting filled with water. Any idea where its coming from...
I replaced the feul pump and now I have no power going to it. Alternator, and battery are good, fuses are good, but voltage tester shows no power even going to fuse box for charge or feul pump.
I was drii and it just stoped it has water and oil but wont start or shift out of park
my 1996 dodge ram 1500 is over heating sitting still and going down the road i have replace (in the past 3 days) radiator, water pump, thermostat, and radiator cap. i have rented a block tester from auto zone and test...
I was wondering if anyone knew about how much it might cost to get my "Codes Pulled" for my Trans. I was told to take my car to a tranny shop to get codes on my "OD off light flashing" to fix problem. I'm thinking i...
okay my civic has cylindar 3 misfire had a tune up been keeping oil up still misfires compression check said 120psi- #1,2 #3 had 30psi #4 had 80psi. need know what i need to fix it. along the lines of rebuilding it
after replacing the sensor I also tried replacing ckt. still got same error code,and now it tells me that there is a link up error,it wont read,and the old ckt. is hooked bak up what could be the problem?
My "OD off" light on dash is Flashing and the car doesn't seem to start off in low gear. Was told to try changeing filter and oil. Still flashing and running the same. Then I was told to get my "Code's Checked" thru a...
the pedle as dropt but i still get my gears ok