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The end of the key has broken off in the ignition. We need to remove both the piece of key and the ignition
The check engine light blinks almost immediately to turning it on. The TCS OFF light comes on often and car becomes hard to control in steering wheel and runs even worse then it was with just the check engine light b...
installed a keyless remote- the drivers side side will not open?
My car makes a sound when I unlock it with the wireless key remote. It's getting louder and very annoying. I've taken my car to the dealership twice for this problem and the service advisor told me the tech cannot loc...
Hear a clicking noise in door when switch is pushed.
code 23,45 and 1 refers to what?
Car run good problem just stated to happen all of a sudden was told cold be censor
I have a 1999 limited edition ford explorer. While driving it started to jolt as I would excelerate and made a noise. Well the problem became worse while driving the rpms would rev but the truck would not move at all....
where do I connect the Freon to? where do I find the valve
There's a shorted or loose wire in my Jeep that causes my radio and dash to cut out a lot. It usually happens when I hit my brakes. I think it's the antenna wire but I have no way of knowing. I want to get this fixed,...