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What should it cost to change the alternator
The alternator is not functioning
on the road with cruise control stays on and air is real cool
how much would it cost for a new one i had hooked it on computer it read low voltage and p0405
P0401 and P1604 what means? how to repairs
there also 2 bo codes 403 and 223 is this the problem i allready changed the relay and the light on air cond knob is on but the dash said air condit is off
why no warning, my automatic steering wheel column is now making a loud noise adjusting up and down when I get in our out of the car. I have an automatic transmission sedan. Just got a new battery. Wiped off the dash ...
i have line it up with the oil pump and made the correct adjustment but it keep breking why?
I'm being told by one shop that I need to replace the rear differential (the part) in my truck. They want an insane amount of money for it and I think they are over-charging me. The truck makes a steady whining nois...
can you tell me what the issue may be and perhaps the cost of fixing this
Hello, I have a 1998 VW Jetta 5spd manual, It began having issues where I would go to accelerate and the engine would just rev with little to no forward motion, noticed this a couple times upon starting, but stopped ...