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I just want to know approximately how many years the electric motor batteries last.
new coil, dist pickup 2 yr ago. 12v at a142 and a142-1 splice. is dist pickup also cam sensor? have code 54
How can this be corrected? Is there a check valve in the oil filter cannister that is not working? This starts after car has set for awhile, but goes once the engine is running.
I got everything loose I just can't get it out due to that it won't fit in between my front diff and the engine. Do I go up with it out through the wheel well?
repairs completed, codes erased, driven for a week highway and city driving,(400km) and they say its still not ready to be tested for emissions test, how much driving is required for this particular car so that all se...
cant find any online fixit help still have control of gas pedal just changed water pump
My dashboard lights went off at the same time as the ABS started flashing.
the window won't go up or down
I have a repair manual I got from the auto parts store but it doesn't tell me how to take the older ones off
I have a 2007 Toyota sienna 3.5l. I get a massive plume of blue smoke when I start it in the morning and occasionally on acceleration. I'm thinking valve stem seals but I've heard you have to drop the power train out ...
I am trying to find the location of the spark plugs on a 1995 Mazda Millenia 2.3L supercharged and any advise on how to do it, I changed the starter and that was a nightmare.
when you go to rotate the sunvisor,,it is like it is in a bind,,,,the passengers side is not like this but swivels smoothly,,but not my side it is like it sticking or something
Pump runs when car off both dash lights on for ABS Can it be fixed ? if so how