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When I changed my front brake pads the light went off for a number of months but has now re appeared. The pads still have loads of material on. I have checked my fuse and relay. Can you help me
2004 Nissan Maxima SL black on black with less than 56,000 miles. This car is in great condition and show ready, no expense was spared during the customization process.
my speakers work but no bass and only the front 2
I would like to replace the motor mount on my 02 mercedes-benz clk 320. Thank you in advance.
plz send it with full detail . codes with their problem. thanks & Regards.
what should i do all the trouble codes removed also. but the problem still exist. can we accelerate the rpm through obd2 scanner.
The car was running very good till the previous day. all of a sudden i started hearing some weird sound from the engine area,may be it is some torque converter problem. once i start the car and try reversing it, it wo...
Ive cleaned the egr valve, checked for vacuum leaks,replaced ignitioncap and rodor checked for bad wire's i would greatly appreciate any advice on methods to check for faulty sensors Or faulty equipment.
what do i do to fix it and how much is it for parts, or do i HAVE to bring it in to shop.
When the car is sitting still, the car has a rough, low idle like its going to cut off but the engine doesn't cut off. However, it only does this when the engine is warm, so starting it in the morning the idle is high...
Can stop blinking turning car off or pulling battery cable off only.
Can stop blinking turning car off or pulling battery cable off only.
can't open the trunk.