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What is the price difference between having a new tranny or a rebuilt one put in a 1992 honda accord ex 2 door coupe Cost of Rebuilding and Installation of the old tranny Vs Buying a new tranny and having it install...
It has been giving me problems starting, but does fire up, but this morning it started and I stopped to get coffee and then it wouldn't start. its not the battery, no clicking. Just the word "deck" and then the number...
only clicking noise then both heating and air conditioning did not work on dash, seats and rear control worked. would like to replace actuator or replace gears
Service theft sys light comes on. Have tried resetting turning key to on x3min, off x30sec x3times but still dead
how is the HTR drive cycle performed on a 2002 GM 4.8L
runs better but lack of power hard ecceleration car sperts up in rpm but then makes car jerk from smooth to eratic power engine service on for long time car has 90000 miles problem usually after long drive
When I accelerate the is a click clack sound cominig from the left rear wheel
clears out somewhat but has lake of [power when back to idle runs rough almost dies wife somtimes puts 87 octane gas in instead of premium checked plugs fine wires fine this just started ater long drive problem when r...
When my headlight switch is on auto turned to the left, my park lights and dashboard lights do not come on. After a while they sometimes come on. When the switch is put upright all of the lights both dashboard a...
I am trying to replace the ecu on a 2004 xj8 jaguar
Ujoints are good . Play seems to be in one end or other