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there is no surface problems with chipping, it seems to be peeling the paint off from underneath. Aside from 3 batteries in the first 18 months I owned it, its been great. anyone else see rust this early on? its on...
the years. It was interesting to see how much work we'd actually had done, now it would be equally nice to know how much we've spent and whether or not it would be wise to continue putting money into the van. It's a...
we replaced both front and rear and reset ecu light came back on garage checked and no codes or faults. any ideas how to get rid of it
Can I tell by the vin#? There is a difference in the price.
It was clicking and then it clunked and there was transmission fluid all over the bottom of the car. I am sure I will have to replace it and need to know what to expect as far as replacement.
but after waiting ten minutes it will start, you can here the starter trying it just wont turn over any sugesstions?
My car sit for a couple weeks during cold weather and left the drive way and noticed like it was slipping going backwards and then the same forwards. Went about a mile and turned around due to lack of confidence. Coul...
Has had a tune within a year. Has around 161,000 miles on. The driver sometimes let gas get low before feuling. There were know sign or warning that there was any problems with the car
I took it in to get engine light checked out and it gave me a couple of codes to include DTC:41 TPS Circuit. I replaced the TPS but it keeps doing the same thing. It feels like it's not getting enough fuel. It all ...
This message appears every time car is switched on and.
my rear shocks went out and looking to replace them. didnt want some red bilstein or whatever or some cheap ones from autzone. any help is apppreciated.