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Took my car to a repair shop 2 weeks ago to get the AC fixed I was told it was the scan valve and dry canister $600 later I drove home with AC or so I thought within 2 days the AC went out took it back to the same mec...
customer changed oil and fuel filters, now truck won't start and has no power to lift pump. Where does ecm get power to send to fuel pump control, and is it five volts or twelve.
while driving my jeep at 45 to 50 MPH if i hit a small bump or rut in the road my vehicle starts shaking violently. I must bring the vehicle to a full stop to get the vehicle under control
Intermittent missing has been occurring since a/c was recharged. It occurs whether a/c is on or off. Overheating only occurs when a/c is on, and I have only tried using the a/c in 90 degree or higher weather, so I do...
Door switch quit working on drivers side, all other PW & PL switches on other three doors work fine.
while driving my Jeep Cherokee at 45 to 50 MPH the vehicle starts to shake violently if i hit a small bump or rutt in the road. I must come to a full stop to get it under control again.
My RAV4 is equipped with the push button start/stop and when I applied the brake (the first time) and pushed the button nothing happened. It just so happened I sat in the car and waited about 30 minutes, then decided...
My truck has gone into limp mode than back out again when I re start it drove fine last time but I know something not right
I need to know which my car has a timing belt or a timing chain.
My blower stopped working
we love out Journey and it has run perfectly from the beginning. Yesterday while the car was being driven they had to hit the brakes hard twice. Afterwards at least one rear brake caliper did not release properly and ...
Blower still blowing air. Just air coming out is not being cooled. Happens several times a week.
It's failed in smog test because of rpm too high and timing