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its like my ignition is locked up. my key is stuck in the ignition and its turnt forward as if the car is still on
I need head gaskets due to the fact the coolant in in the oil.
the mile per gallon counter remains on 23.3mpg and does not change even after going on high acceleration
This lightning bolt symbol keeps coming on and off constantly and i dont have a manual
already changed the coil pack
Only the front wheels pull in 4WD
What could be the cause of extremely high fuel consumption (5.9 mpg)right after having new Mass Airflow Sensor installed on a 2003 BMW 330i with 134, 000 miles...?
Good night, I have a doubt about the camshaft for my Kia, model: Spectra II 1.6L LS, year: 2002. The VIN of my car is KNAFB227225185766 and the damaged part has printed the following code K30E K1-2, and the number 421...
trying to replace fuel injector. any suggestions on how to remove the upper air intake plenum. there is is one bolt on the upper mounting bracket in the rear that is impossable to reach.
101,000 miles on the car. The sound originates just in front of the steering wheel.
It starts but will not stay running unless given a lot of gas...thank you in advance for any help.
More horsepower and torque what would I change to do that I have done my shiftpoints and speed and rev limiter and a couple other small things any ideas plz help im doing a project for my high preformance class bout t...
Leaks anti-freeze, told it was Pressure line(?)running behind engine. Car heats up rapidly. Get message to idle engine.