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Exhaust and jerks and lose power I throttle to the floor it takes off will do it all day .ford put a new turbo on and cleaned EGR valve when it was under warranty. did not fix it can you help
My truck has been sitting for about 2 months. I tried to start it yesterday but it wont turn over. I pulled the battery and took them into advanced auto. they tested them and charged them. I put the battery back in an...
My mirror compass recently quit displaying direction. It sometimes works, then will slowly dim and then go out completely. Other times it does not display at all. Is there some little trick to reseting the compass fro...
The windows go down by there selves wen cars off
When I come in house my windows r shut.come out later there open. There opening by themselves whats problem
bought car and was told gas was spilled in rear of car but it smells really bad even after i cleaned it up...coming from front vents in car..overwhelms the air...??? should i retrun this car to dealer/
It has a rough idle loss if power and diagnostics say it has primary or secondary coil and 1 &5 are misfiring I changed coil plugs and wires with no help. Codes 301
my power windoes dont work or my heater or my driving lights and the rear defogger stays on all the time
Loud sound right under the motor, it kind of sounds like if it is low on fluid on the transmission oil but whenever I put it on drive it is okay. On reverse the sound will sound only if I step on the gas lightly. Then...
the cable came apart at the transmission lever
After cleaning the maf sensor with CRC maf sensor cleaner, the CE light is OFF, but car still runs rough. Would replacing the maf sensor be the next step? Any help is very much appreciated, thank you!
Last time it went off the cruse acceleration turn off
It will start up,drive half a mile then stalls,starts again,then stalls.
engine died shortly after startup. I checked fuses and found one in the drivers compartment was blown. It was the one in #8 spot labeled EGU-IG. I replaced it with a new one but engine cranks but won't start. Does th...