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The air conditioning works, but whenever I have it on for more than half an hour, the car becomes hard to steer and eventually shuts down. What could be the cause of that?
it just started today . I went to the store it started to rain. I try to get my window up nothing will work.
Driving on the thruway 08' dodge avenger began to overheat after checking out the problem upper hose came a part and the plastic that the hose is attached to broke, how much would it cost to get this problem fixed?
Just found out that I may need a newly used engine for my pilot. The price I have gotten so far is $4500, so what else can I do. I need my car.!!
already have new plugs,wires,rotor button and cap.what can it be
it click when I start driving slowly and when I turn
Or what else can I look for ? Problem is all the time. only 68K miles, do not use front wheel drive very often.
I traced the hoses into the block and it seems like it comes out as fast as you pour it on driver side
I want to put a 1993 diamante transmission into a 1994 diamante
I took car to mechanic who said he couldn't figure out what was wrong. It was showing different codes every time he diagnosed it. Another mech had same problem. Took it to Jeep dealer who said it needed fuel injectors...
2003 Saturn L200 wiht security issues so I had a local alarm shop bypass the passlock and send the code too the BCM. It seemed to work great at first but we are stranded again... This vehicle keeps going into the le...
Is it possible to use a regular valve stem in the wheel after repairing a flat rather than the TPMS?