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Had a hard time starting finally did ran about ten miles then died in tbe process i broke a sensor that went to a line where water ran through
Acts if it wants to start almost feels like its not getting enough gas and it will not start. And the engine got really hot
The shop says that it is a code 76 forced motor which cases the transmission to bang hard going into reverse and drive.It also shifts crisp when it shifts.It never happens when the car is not wet, Like having the unde...
The problem is a loud knocking while turning slowly. I have read over many of the posts and have found one person that was able to have the problem resolved. I would like to know where that person brought his car to...
The lights on the switch for the heated seats occasionally go on but even when they do the seats won't warm up wondering if it is a switch issue or other problems
car sat for 4 months slight front end damage
somewhere in driveline.could hear it better cruising at like 35 mph.very low geared,but changed the ujoint now its worse.there is a little play where the ujoint fits into the back of the tranny????a bearing????
The check engine light comes on at the same time. .I had it checked, it was the speed sensor so I changed it. . Nothing else came up. . Then the next day Both the AT light flashed and the check engine. . Then they we...
I replaced the 120/40 fuse now it want crank it has power and the engine turns over but want crank any ideas?
if i keep the cluch pushed in just slightly it runs fine but when i take my foot all the way off, it will feel like it's dead but as soon as i push on the cluch it pickes back up.
My locks where going crazy off & on. The one day my battery was dead in the morning, I jump it ,then my lights would not go off so now I unplug them & batery does die. But Ihave to plug them in if iI use it at nite. ...
It's not the fuses, they are fine.
I have replaced the blower motor control module but the blower motor is still running. I had to disconnect the battery so it wouldn't drain it. Is there anything else I can do to resolve this issue.