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Could it be my anti theft system r do i need to replace my starter
it revs. up but takes a while to go plugged the machine up when check engine light came on and it said that valve was clogged poured fluid into gas ta nk but it did not work
When I open the door the interior light do not light up, why is that?
the air comes on and blows until it runs the battery down and has to be given a boost to get it started. If you catch it in time you can take the key and turn it onto stop it. sometimes it comes on a hour later after ...
trans not shifting right
I bought a code scanner called the Autel Maxiscan ms309 for reasons which i cant explain every time i connect it to my car it starts to scan but before it's done it always ends of saying linking error. could you help ...
is it something a weekend mechanic can do.
We just purchased this 2000 Audi A6 - the seats are very hard leather. We have used Saddle soap and leather softener and it did seem to make any difference.
I have had the car looked at and the mechanic said this is what I need to do.
What to check / fix when dash control buttons don't work? Radio (stock Chrysler radio) also isn't working. Fuses appear to be ok. Have 2.5 L engine - 3 sp. auto tranny.
WHAT OR HOW DO I SOLVE THIS PROBLEM we washed the engine at the car wash it just did this today and now I know we shoudnt have washed the engine