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with both lights come on the engine will die ,but will restart immediately.thank you ken sanders of arlingtion tx
Runs fine then next time I start it runs like crap replaced camshaft and crankshaft sensors and plugs. When it runs like crap the car won't let me go over2.25 rpm. Please help took it to three different mechanics
This happens when the computer is trying to decide if it needs to be in the right gear. Let me know if there is a fix to smooth this gear change up. Thanks Roy J
to start it right away it just pops and farts doesn't run,if i leave it for 15-20min it just does the same thing runs great dyes out after 5min.i have cleaned the idle air control,and cleaned the plugs that go to the ...
yesterday i bought a 2003 dodge ram 2500 and i was driving it home and the oil pressure guage went low and the truck made a knocking sound and blew alot of white smoke out of the tail pipe and died when i got out i no...
I want to replace the rubber bumper as the shift is getting a bit loose
I got step by step instructions from a local dealer. I have to pull the entire instrument panel to remove old clutch assembly. Step 9 instructs me to remove the I/P assist handle. How do i do this?
Had the starter replaced in my 1990 Dodge RAM Van B150 3.9L and noticed on my way home that the Voltmeter & Temperature gauges were not working. The other gauges are working fine. Question: when removing the starte...
while replacing the engine , took out torque converter, now the intake shaft sticks out 1/2 inch to far , the bell housing is one peace with the transmission, how do you get the input shaft out to reset it???
My EPC light goes off and on. Getting progressively worse, goes into limp mode, hard to start and runs rough until the engine warms up. any ideas?
Received a 2005 dodge sprinter 2500 dsl turbo and the customer complained it had no a/c well i ran it and at first it blew out cold air, from the defrost but not the vent from the dash. so i let it sit for 30 min runn...
cars been wreaked in front end any common problems regarding p1338?
Funny looking light on my dashboard is on looks like a car with a arrow on top
how could I fix the proble and what could it possibly be
I have replaced the spark plugs, too many ignition coils than i can count and even the computer. Nothing seems to fix the problem. Each time it miss fires, the ignition coil melts. Does anyone have any idea what could...