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The diagnostic code that the car comes up with is fuse 1 but I can't locate where fuse 1 is.
Why stop at Automatic Transmission switch Balguiar third and fourth suddenly after hearing the voice while driving I was told that he must change Jerabox Is this true Thank you
I can't unlock with key, door handle, or the button. How do I fix and now I'm worried that will happen with the other 2 doors.
I checked it was a POS system earlier today my friend had one and it said the 1345 Code Red and 1235 could readwhen I started and don't stay running its raining all kinds of codes and it's easier than what it was befo...
I have had intermittent check engine light issues,replaced gas cap, then mass air flow sensor, but light is back on again
There is no code with it. The only codes popping up are for the O2 sensor that just gave out yesterday, and the chiming has been happening for a while. No lights to go with it, just the chime as soon as I cut the whee...
The steering is a bit stiff and noise is comng from the front passnger side as i turn the car to the right
there is no surface problems with chipping, it seems to be peeling the paint off from underneath. Aside from 3 batteries in the first 18 months I owned it, its been great. anyone else see rust this early on? its on...
the years. It was interesting to see how much work we'd actually had done, now it would be equally nice to know how much we've spent and whether or not it would be wise to continue putting money into the van. It's a...
we replaced both front and rear and reset ecu light came back on garage checked and no codes or faults. any ideas how to get rid of it
Can I tell by the vin#? There is a difference in the price.