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1999 Honda Civic • 1.6L, LX• 175,000 miles The engine shut off while driving (no restart) and that lead to my diagnosis that coil failed (no spark, ohms out of spec, casing shows sign of arcing/heat damage). After ...
When i drive my car at about 40mph i will stop and then the gas pedal will make a springy noise and then my spedomoter goes out can anyone tell me what that means and what meeds to be replaced .. Thanks
how much does the shift sensors cost ? do you need to remove the transmission to replace the shift selinoid
2000 Isuzu rodeo won't shift into 3rd gear never had any signs of the Tranny going bad jusy woke up got in my truck an it started .ot will sometimes go into 3rd gear an so forth but 90% od the time iit won't go . no l...
I got hit on the front right side of my car,next to the headlight,they drove off and now my steering wheel is angled to the right
drove home light came back on. do I need to reflash computer or new solftwere what should I do please help
I know some one with a 96 accord with bad engine good transmission. How hard is it to swap engines?
the after market air conditioner was installed in the mid 1990's. We are replacing the compressor and dryer. But the dryer is not available. What can we use as a substitute