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How do you reset after an oil change to keep the yellow engine light from coming on
where do i add automatic transmission fluid
P0031 code? I have the code id, now I would like to know how to test the H02 sensor and what the pinning of the sensor is. Any diagrams with wire colours and pinning would be great.. Thanks
If I leave my 2008 Toyota Tundra parked for more than three days, the battery is dead. Mechanic told me that there is a draw on battery, but doesn't know where. Anyone else have this problem and how to fix it.
My Tundra is approaching 90K miles; what will be the expected cost & labor to replace the timing belt as well all the misc; seals,gaskets,fluids,belt tensioner & timing belt, water pump and anything else recommeded at...
It came on while driving and has been on ever since. It is not blinking.
My bulbs are ok. Even the inside left indicator doesnt blink. Emergency flashers work on all four coners.?? What could be wrong?
The whole entire side of the driver is lower than the passenger side and the rear wheels are slightly different. The rear wheel on the driver side is moved slightly closer to the front and the rear wheel on the passe...
right turn signal, shuts off if brakes applied, it ask if bulb has blown, and also all three bulbs flash on that side?
Air bag light is always on, how do I take it off?
Just had vehicle detailed at shop, got vehicle back with the l/h side turn signal lite flashing although turn signal switch is not activated? Any Ideas?
Location for turn signal flasher on this vehicle? Also, the turn signal light indicator continues to flash in the dash even when the turn signal switch is not activated to the l or r ???
I am trying to find out why may battery light is on with out spending 100.00 for diagnostic. I have a full charge on the battery and have cleaned the corroded terminals hoping this was the problem. If it was I don't...
I would like to replace the indash radio with a NAV system. Would like any info about removing the dash panel(s) in order to complete removal and install
I have broken the turn signal assembly off the steering column. Can this be repaired without pulling the steering wheel ?
In your "What to watch out for" section you state, "On vehicles 1996 and newer, using an inexpensive "universal" oxygen sensor will cause problems with the emissions system and is highly discouraged." How can I mak...
codes 300, 303, 306 . where do i start ?
when turning around a corner at slow speed it feels like the tires are bieng drug around the corner, in and out of 4wd
Can't discover how to remove/replace front rt. corner lamp. Clear plastic cover was broken. Have a replacement from an '03 Tundra which will work, wont it?
would a cracked 02 sensor give off false readings on an emissions test? My 02 senor is cracked and I asked to have it replace for I thought this might be the case of a failed emissions test. When I brought it to the...
I have been told I need to replace both oxygen sensors. I found this out after the check engine light came on and took the truck into the local dealer. The dealer has indicated the rplacement will be $545 dollar but...
The emergency brake light stays on, although the emergency brake is off. s it possible that it could be low on brake fluid? If so, how do you check the brake fluid and if it is low, how do you fill it? Thanks
did not find a catagory for lower control arms. do the bushings and the control arms have to be changed together/ I have 150K on my truck and get off-road regularly
was told warped rotors was a factory defect with this truck what rotos or calipers will fix the problem
check engine light came on,toyota garage put new part on,worked good 2 days ,check engine light came back on, lost all power, Toyota garage has it for 8 days now and all they say is that the part they put on is not wo...
Hello Was parked and went to shift into drive and the whole shifter snapped and broke from the column! This is crazy i am a woman of 130 pounds what in the world would cause this solid piece of aluminun to tear clean ...
I purchase gas and my engine started skipping very bad. I drain tank & added a can of gas treatment to tank put a differ kind of gas in it and ran it out and try more gas. It still is skipping very very bad.
after having my tundra serviced(90,000miles) and the gear fluid changed in the front 4x4, now I can hear a faint grinding sound as the truck reaches 30-35 mph. its gets fainter as the speed gets faster, but the grindi...
Give me a estimate for fluid check. Give me a estimate for fluid change.
i have a new battery in my 2000 tundra, but it still just clicks instead of starting once every now and then.