at what mileage or length of time should a belt or chain be replaced

had a friend bring this to me and I havent seen anything lie it. He had fluid checked at a lube shop and I actually took 1 qt out and then put it back in because it is blowing fluid into and out of fill tube. Hard to get an accurate reading. Trans. is slipping too. Filter plugged??? Bars trans. additive??? help

The light bulbs on my climate control panel are burned out.

Iam getting spark and no codes i changed the cam sensor and crank that did not help and i put ether into the air in-take still will not start

my tundra develped a problem after i had the bumper replaced at the local body shop.On a regular basis without keys in the ignition and motor not running the the heater/ac fan in the cab will start and kill the battery.The only solution i have so far is to disconnect the neg battery cable when i leave it parked for more than an hour or so

I took my 2006 Tundra in for an oil change and the mechanic pointed out that my Water Pump was leaking. I have never had an overheating problems. How can I be sure it needs a replacement?

PO441 incorrect purge indicated. I checked the gas cap. disconnected the battery to clear the code, but it returned. Checked all vacuum lines. Lots of valves and gadgets here. Whats the most likely place to start?

Have replaced the knob, but the temperature will not adjust

door was open when i heard the locks clicking

I have a 2006 toyota tundra v6 4.0L i have replaced the Alternator, battery and positive battery cable, when the car is first at idle the Alternator seems to charge fine 13.90volts until the truck idles down they i only get 9volts witch is what the old one was doing and why i replaced it can some one please tell me something i have missed i replaced the battery with an after market cable because it had been cut and replaced before and if had replaced the end it would have been to short the battery is brand new as of 3 weeks ago

computer displays code p1127

i plan to replace my timing belt, water pump, and associated parts. just wanted to know engine type.
thanks cliffday

I hit a cow with mine! The steel under the cover seems to be ok, but I want to replace the plastic cover.

need new rotors and caliper left and right side new rear drum and shoes also have look at them and they are leaking and drums and rotors are to far gone to save
I could do it myself but time I do not have

oil pump labor and cost of pump

the check engine light was on.

When I removed the leaf springs the assembly sprung up against bed. Lowered rearend to get unit out. Is there a trick to getting leaf assembly back into position?


my truck ticks when you first start it up it does it when it sets for a bit

can engage the gear selected, but clutch pedal will not return from floor

had a problem before and had to change something in the stearing column

i did notice the driver front shock lower bushing is badly deteriated and falling out - would this be the cause or what else should i look at?

no problems yet

turn signal and brake light work on truck but the right side turn and brake do not work on trailer I checked fuses inside and in engine they are fine is there anything else I need to check

I mistakenly drained transmission fluid, thinkin it was oil. Drove around for about an hour, finally took it to shop. Shop changed oil, and trans fluid, checked out ok. One day later, warning lights and won't shift into higher gears or reverse. What kind of cost am I looking at? Any way I could get warranty to cover boneheaded mistake?

why the turn signals do not work?

The power mirror controls buttons are pushed in and won't pop back out. Need to remove the panel.

my alrm went off and i did not have my control with me . i disconnected the battery.i put the battery back but now it keeps shutting off and it has very low r.p.m. do i need to reset computer and how do i do this.

What is typical dealership cost to replace AC Clutch Relay

How do i seperate the wheel bearing from the hub

What do i need to do to remove the front rotors?