This shuddering happened several times on my way home from purchasing this truck yesterday. I've called several times with no call back as of yet. Could it be the power train control module and torque converter? it has 130,000 miles.

2009 Automatic 4 wheel drive Tundra will not go into reverse. Do I need to replace the transmission I live in Annapolis, MD where would be the best place to go?.

I removed the only two screws visible but it doesnt come off. i pull but i feel like i might break it.The front end where the screws were loosens but the back part feel stuck.Thanks

The model number is A1226-P

It runs fine at idel and under load but starts to. Surger when it gets up to speed

Bought new fob,replaced batteries on others but fobs work when directly beside truck, not from any distance. Once in a while they work as they should.. thanks for any help.

Runs okay for a short while, then the coolant backs into the overflow tank and then it overheats. What would cause this?

Blower motor makes slight whining sound on low setting.When selector knob is turned to different setting from vent forward or to floor I hear a loud flapping sound.I am able to switch to defrost and forward vents but I have no volume if air coming out of the floor vents on driver and passenger side.has new cabin air filter and also checked the squirrel cage and found no debris.

Any help would be helpful,


I have a impact gun and the exhaust bolts remain difficult to loosen. Help, please and what are the torque settings? And, how do I check the new manifolds for leaks before I install them? Thanks for being there for help, I really do appreciate the feedback. best regards, geo

So my trucks check engine light came on, i got the codas read and it said that i had a bad o2 sensor. bank 2 sensor 2 so I went out and replaced it with a new one. After i installed it and turned the truck back on the light was still their, the guy at the auto parts store said that the tuck needs 40 complete cycles in order for the coda to clear it self or you can just erase the codas. So i erased the codas and the light went off and its has stayed off for about a week and a half. Now the light is back on and it says that its the same sensor that i just replaced. Could it be a bad sensor or is something else going on hear??

What causes an intermittent problem with 2007 Toyota Tundra Crank but doesn't start; however after waiting for a period will start.

I was told toyota has had alot of brake problems out of the later 2002 tundras if so was there a recall on brakes?

After driving to the lake truck would not start. It cranks and continues cranking even when I let go of the key. Had to have it towed. When my mechanic went to start it in the am it started. Now he cannot duplicate the issue. All computers are showing good. This has happened a couple of times and seems to be an issue during hot weather. I am nervous to take it anywhere. I have other similar posts here and wondering if anyone has discovered what the issue is and a solution.

thermostat and thought that was it but today on the way home caught in traffic the temp started going up and then went down after i was moving again could it be the water pump? if this is the problem what else should i replace while there. thank you efren1

Les Schwab was going to replace the structs and ordered V8. They were surprised to find it had V6. Do a lot of Tundra 04 struts break?

I want to change out the plactic bumpers with steel ones and add a towing package. I'm assuming it's possible but not sure how difficult or costly it will be.

I want to change out the plactic bumpers with steel ones and add a towing package. I'm assuming it's possible but not sure how difficult or costly it will be.

I changed the sensor for a smog check but they told me the cycle hasn't completed yet.

2008 Toyota Tundra is not starting after running for 40 miles every evening. About 10k miles ago the truck ran out of gas but I have been tripping the odometer ever since so it does happen again since the fuel gauge was incorrect. I took it to the Toyota dealer and the only code that came back was clean the wiring harness connections and if it continued then to change out the wiring harness. The truck will run great if you let it sit for 2 hours or so and it will fire right back up and run like the day it drove off the lot. It is like it is not getting any fuel when it tries to fire back up after running for 40 miles. Could the fuel pump been damaged when it ran out of fuel or is it truly the wiring harness as the dealer quoted me$4,500 to replace the wiring harness? The dealer was not convinced that it was the wiring harness as they told me to see if happens again as they could not get it to do to not start and after the code came back they continued to try and find a different issue.

I need to know when maintenance needs to be done

Over the past year or so the truck, while driving at no particular speed, will quit running. All power stays on, the engine just quits. After coasting to a stop and turning off then back on, it will start right back up. It may not do this again for a week or two. The times when it happens seems completely random and does not seem to have regard for speed, turning or straight, cruise on or off, etc. I have had it to my local dealer twice and they cannot find the source of the problem. There is no check engine light associated with this problem so I assume there are no trouble codes being set.

Noise became really pronounced after fueling up when tank got really low. I thought it was a spark knock but no treatment worked. I had my toyo mechanic drive it and he suggested it was an exhaust leak but could not pinpoint it. I researched online and the common complaint is the exhaust manifold cracking.

I try to turn it on nothing happens is it a switch that shots off when a battery drains out? you turn the switch to on nothing happens no light inside either what could that be a fuse or alternator? (new battery tested)