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Took vehicle to dealer who replaced all the modules. Now has new side curtain airbags and all modules and srs light will not reset. Dealer now states that code shows airbag wiring harness is faulty ($1300) and the reason srs light will not reset. Damage from rear end accident was a dented quarter panel and a small dent in the bumper. I have no confidence in dealerships ability after vehicle there 10 days w/o success. Please advise.

All web reading state this a common problem. have not been able to
get a solution. Good Tires and wheels. Oz 20inch alloys Pirelli scorpions 275/65/20 have not tried rebalance but
other posts state that is not a fix. 45000 miles. Bilstein 5100 series struts.
If you have any info it would be appreciated.

They said freon was low. Want to replace condenser and warranty and "o" rings. Is this necessary?

Replacing the EVAP Canister for engine light problem.

The rear section wobbled at the knuckle and finally came apart at the knuckle. It is connected on one half, the other side is apart showing the pin.

new baeplaced and horn wont shut off and truck wont start

I usually do regularly scheduled maintenance on the truck. The website only lists that up to 150,000 miles which I just had the service done for. I know that the book usually starts over for service so what mileage should I go by for 155,000?

transmission fluid is overflowing into the overflow reservoir connected to the radiator

What's happening when after the Head Gasket has been repaired and a noise from Valves is coming out?

This only occurs while using the A.C. system, but it happened this time while accelerating, and going up a small hill. the engine now seems to run rough all the time.

After pulling several fuses with the engine running to find my trailer light fuse the check engine and skid light stayed on. could pulling to check all the fuses have caused this. I have had the check engine light turned off by a local parts store and in about a mile the skid light went off, Could me pulling the fuses have caused this?

Had a brake line failure on rear passenger side so fixed the line and changed the pads and attempted to bleed the lines. Fluid all over the place during the failure but when done and ready to bleed the lines, started the truck and had wife pump while I opened and closed the bleeder valve. The problem - cannot get fluid to run out the valve. Fluid is now topped up still no fluid out bleeder. Tried vacuum line too but no fluid comes out. Is there a valve/lock on these to prevent loss of too much fluid? ABS control?? Need help with this.

Has 72,000

it's a bad leak the truck has 250k on the clock and it sat for about 2 months and now this. cant drive leaks to much.

truck sat 6 days prior in carport.
truck has 152,000 mileage
truck has regular oil changes

Truck had been parked for about 6 days in carport prior to this. Odometer reads 152,000. Truck has regular oil changes every 5,000 miles.

I have to put in neutral and keep foot on the gas giving it pressure. Any ideas on what this might be and how to fix it?

Went on vacation and came back a week later battery was dead so i boosted it off and drove around ten miles. then it started skipping bad and losing power so started pulling towards side of road and it died completely. So i bought a new battery and it will turn over all day but will not crank any suggestions?

Then they say I have a water pump leak and front differential leak too .

At 110 mph the engine fluters as tho governed?

what is the dry cycel

it seems to run fine. there is no smoking from exhaust ,performance is the same.
is there a seal somewhete

The turn signals seem to work and the left turn signal indicator remains on all the time, even after the key is turned off.