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Im way out in the desert,alone,an ive no torch wrench to re tighten my crank bolt after replacing my timing belt an water curious as to where i might rent one ?ive no idea what im doin other than the vids on truck was my only trans,an i literally cannot walk back n forth to the auto zone for help,ive no phone,im piggyback ing my nxt door for ive nevr been so freaked on making a truck has sat ther a whole mnth an im just goint to start.when i go online to order the part,,a water pump timing belt kit...ive no manuel or engine maintanance do i know exactly what to order?? Im sorry im out of my element on how or what to ask..i just have to go for it an im affraid of distroying my truck...thank u for any help or advice...i do have patients tho..

When the weather gets cold (close to freezing) my emergency brake light will either stay on as long as I'm driving or come on when I apply my regular brakes and will go off about a minute after I start pressing the gas again. I have not noticed a difference in driving so the brake is not actually engaged, the light is just one. Should I get this checked?

After I start the truck and put it in gear it immediately stalls. It does this no matter what gear I put it in.
It has 147,000 miles on it and has been running fine.

so I just changed out to a new battery and sometimes starts right up, sometimes just turns over and over and over and will not start. help?

How many miles should I go before I change transmission fluid in the 2006 Toyota tundra

I have changed the coil in cylinder number eight and I've change the spark plugs in all eight cylinders. Truck is still running rough and says there is a misfire in cylinder number eight what else might it be. The truck has 223,000 miles. The fuel system was completely clean six months ago and new fuel filter put on. Not sure which direction to go now.

Put truck in 4w dr to get up muddy driveway.when I got to top both 4HI and 2LO light started flashing.


I disconnected the battery for 10 minutes. When I reconnected, the engine would start, run but not idle.

What could be the cause?

butterfly valve does not open fully

butterfly valve does not open fully

Last year I was coming down from the hills after a job I finished. There is a light rain so the road is was wet. A car in front of me and two behind me. Were going about 20 mph. All of a sudden I hear like a pop and hissing sound. It scared the shit out of me. I must have panicked because I locked up my brakes and spun aroundI ended up with two flat tires on the same side. This was before the latest airbag recall for passenger side front airbag. Is this going to be a recall sometimwe in the future? After someone gets killed? I could have easily been killed. 4,000 feet elevation. I asked dealer about it. There3 are no recalls on this item. But they want to keep my truck for a month and run tests on it. lol Yeah right. And just miss work. So I am driving around with A headliner blown out and a seatbelt drawn up so tight I had to cut it to get out of my truck. Of course I don't want to get my insurance company involved If I dont have to. The seatbelt alone is $300. then two tires, headliner,

My tundra developed a small squeak at front of engine that continued to get louder...The parts store guy said it was one of two pulleys and best to replace both at same time...any thoughts or advice?

I'll go to start it and only makes clicking sound. I'll give a couple more tries and it will start with no issues. It will be fine for awhile then make the same clicking sound when I go to start it. Any suggestions on what the issue could be?

when i connect

we just replaced the thermostat and now its leaking around it. Pepboys says its going to cost $475 to repair and I just think thats alot for a leak.

Prices for Converter are ridiculously hi. I find some for as little as $132 with $500 being top end. Prices I have from Toyota Dealerships run $1300 plus to $1500 plus. What is an honest price for part and labor.

I am afraid I know the answer but I do not know this model truck very well. Happened on highway at about 45 mph lost all water , radiator steaming, engine lost power. and shut down. Starter turns engine over quite rapidly making no unusual noises but will not start.

hello, truck in minor rearend accident. Side airbags deployed. New airbags, module and 4 door sensors replaced and dealer can't reset light. Now say wiring harness shows bad reading and needs replaced $1300 for part. I feel they are chasing their tail and not competent and just replacing everything. pls advise. Frank

took ti to have it ck out.they said i needed maf sensor & 2 up stream o2sensors installed all three units on my truck still having the same problem won"t run keeps cutting off & no power don"t know what to do from this point on can you help.

Took vehicle to dealer who replaced all the modules. Now has new side curtain airbags and all modules and srs light will not reset. Dealer now states that code shows airbag wiring harness is faulty ($1300) and the reason srs light will not reset. Damage from rear end accident was a dented quarter panel and a small dent in the bumper. I have no confidence in dealerships ability after vehicle there 10 days w/o success. Please advise.