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Car has noises that sound like the car will turn off at random times but is becoming more frequent. New battery and oils.
if I drive it for 30 to 45 minutes the check engine light comes on if im drivin 55 it slowes down to 30 and when you mash the peddle to the floor it falls on its nose but at half throttle it feels as if it runs fine ...
Also changed slave cylinder. Bled lines very well. Got it into gear after adjusting clutch pedal, but something still not right.
it started hesitating when taking off and i think it's getting worse. A lot of codes started flashing on the check engine light. I didn't get them all one time it was 95 another time was 112. i might need to clean out...
mostly interested in toe in measurments + or - what measurment?
Engine light blinked 15 and 29 times when driving it.
my trans caused my car to come to a complete stop. after cooling down, I was able to drive it home. (1.5 miles)it stopped once on the way. it is making a hissing/light grinding sound. does it need a complete rebuild??...
runs well for 3 or 5 miles and leaks oil front top of the trans.
Tail lites work. Is it going to be a big expense to fix?Can it be fixed?
I have checked the egr valve itself and cleaned it as well as the vacuum modulator. I've scrubbed the metal pipe to the manifold and all the tiny tubes as well. Egr valve is stumbling like it should when in idle and p...
i replaced every thing new after replacing cylinder head. now it leaks water from intake. and i cant figure out why? if all gaskeys r new.
already replaced a bunch of vacuum lines and a gas filter
The temp slide control has very little effect on the air temp. Even on fresh air the air is warm with control on cold and warmer but not hot moved to hot. Same with a/c on. Slightly cold on cold and warmer on warm.
i had someone check my front wheel bearings by putting the front end up on jacks and accelerating the wheels at speedometer reading of 40mph. the right wheel seemed to respond normally, but the left wheel turned consi...
The engine will cut out when driving at a consistent speed in wet conditons and stall when coming to a stop, also in wet conditions. When you step on the accelerator it comes out of it, until you try to go a consisten...
The standard size wheel is 13 x 4 1/2, 4 lug, 100mm Bolt Pattern. I have had sites recommend diameters as large as 18"; but I am concerned about the fender clearance. Does anyone know how large, both in diameter and...
how do i get started
transmission shifts out of first at 40-45 mph and out of 2nd at 65-70 mph. Had raditor flushed and now high speed shifting?
need to replace thermostat. where do i find it on the engine and how to replace
car shut down when in reverse
My 97 toyata blackhawk is saying that there is a miss fire in cylinder 1 and random miss fire. it only happens when the car is warmed and driving. I have change the spark plugs, wires and coil. Any ideas to what may b...
Bach 2 cylinders have no compression.Car was running just fine.Started to die at idle.Wont start while hot.
what tools are needed to replace the front wheel bearings? Can i get the bearing out with a hammer and screwdriver without damaging anything or should i just take it to the mechanic who has a press?? How do i get that...
what can i do the driver side axle don't come out from the transmission
Car starts, but can not shift the car into any gears. Can anyone list any potential remidies for this situtation?
changed head gasket and timing belt ,now no spark
when i drive on rough road can here bad noice coming from the rack witch transmited via stearig shaft and could feel on stearing wheel.i have seen this problem in most tercel and starlet and dificult to repere