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I put a new fuel pump new plugs and wires a new gasket a new head a new fuel filter new oil filter and my car still cut of after the engine has warm up even when its in park but act like it want crank back up. I too...
im trying to put front seats from a 12994 tercel into a 1993
my ignition works and my car will start, but my steering wheel just won't unlock.
the started was bad so i replace it.. but the motor wont turn over, it wont make a sound,the lights and everything turns on.but when i turn the key it wont do nothing. i dont no what else to do
moaning noise coming from between steering components while moving.
My car squeals on start-up, only for a few seconds, and will stop almost immeadietly if i put it into reverse or neutral. Will also only squeal if it hasnt already been started up within about 4 hours or so. sounds li...
Now the cooling period well, but empty as you get more per month, which may be the problem?
why is my check engine light on? i just put in a stop leak sealant because there was an oil leak and now my check engine light is on.
The car has been a great little car always runs great but just the other day (after I got it inspected) turned it off in front of the house and 'Now,it'll turn over but it wont I changed the plugs (all 4)and...
I replaced the rear wheel bearings on my car and now have a slight squeaking noise in the drivers side rear only when im doing about 40 or faster and only when i turn right. do i need to get it checked out or is it no...
changed the brakes and right caliper
If i have a small ammount of coolant in the oil is it the intake manifold or is there another area i should chech before i change the intake manifold gasket?
Dear guys I have a Toyota 97 with mileage of 150k. for the past few months when i start the engine of my car to warm it up..the engine behaves as if there is a faulty spark plug, i.e while on idle, there are many eng...
i just bought the car. it hasn't been cranked since i bought it. when you cut switch on you can't hear fuel pump running. how can you test the fuel pump relay and where is it located
temp gusge reads hot all the time. but the car is not overheating or getting hot. i replaced the temp sender and it made no diff please help before i get stranded.
i just started fixing my own car want to know how to put on front brake pads on 1997 toyota tercel its a 2 door 4 cylinder if that helps
transmission noise,does not make noise in nuetral only in drive,its sounds when rotating,previous owner thought it was drive axles,replaced too know avail,told it was pump or chain in tranny
our radiator reservior is red. we just changed the alternator and it ran great for a week, now it turned off at a stop sign, the radio and lights work but it won't turn over, even with a jump.
What would make my front end make a grinding loud noise?
My car bucks and hesitates when accelerating in 1,2,3,and now 4th gear. I've change the distributor cap/ plug wires and spark plugs and it keeps happening. Any one k ow how to fix this
I have a 1983 Tercel. I feel wetness with fluid at base of brake reservoir. I now have to top it off about every four days. How can I just replace the reservoir? What happens if I loosen the stop screw? Will I have to...
Battery was put in backwards, there was a spark. The battery was then put in correctly, car won't start. Help!!! Thanks,
Where under the car is the drain olug for the enigine oil. I noticed my car just started leaking a heavy amount of oil in a steady stream, and I want to check the plug to see if maybe it has came loose.
noise is at all speeds and very loud at high speeds maybee front end bearing
loud loud noise coming from front end when driving at all speeds but alot louder at high speeds maybee front end bearings
my check engine light came on and then went back off again. then 2 days later it was on again and hasent went off since. now for the past 2 days when i get into my car to go to work i cannot get it out of park. hel me...
the fan motor does stop working .where is it located?also how do you test relay cooling fan ?
My 1993 Toyota Tercel does not start when key is turned. New battery, all fuses checked and fine. When the doors get opened, hazard lights start blinking for 15 blinks, then pause, then 15 blinks. This continues unti...
When I step on the brakes, the peddle sinks almost all the way down to the floor. It started squeaking. What do I need to replace? Just the brake pads or brake pads and rotors? I haven't heard any grinding. Just squea...