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vibration problem at idling
Recently, my Toyota Tercel has started to act as if it is not completely in gear (even though it is); it has no power; has troubles getting up the smallest hills; it is also making knocking noises at higher speeds. Pr...
how do i replace a oil pump on a 1991 toyota tercel motor
Driving steady, I hear a knocking, accelerating or complete deccelerating, knock is gone. Is this a piston pin going bad, pistons where replaced around 10k miles ago.
why would my car blow oil out of the dipstick
I just had the enigne rebuilt. Compression is great. My question is prob related to timing.. I have hardly any positive response after 1/4 throttle... I messed with timing and advanced it.. as I advance it it runs bet...
Bach 2 cylinders have no compression.Car was running just fine.Started to die at idle.Wont start while hot.
what tools are needed to replace the front wheel bearings? Can i get the bearing out with a hammer and screwdriver without damaging anything or should i just take it to the mechanic who has a press?? How do i get that...
does anyone know of someone or a bussiness that will come out to my house near 19th ave/norther phx az to tell me whats wrong with my truck? rather not tow it anywhere. need repair work done at my house if possible. t...
what can i do the driver side axle don't come out from the transmission
Car starts, but can not shift the car into any gears. Can anyone list any potential remidies for this situtation?
my 93 tercel is blowing hot air took it to the garage , they recharged it but it's still blowing hot , the mechanic said it was the compressor, but the ac light on dash dose not light up when push to on, i think he's ...
I have a possible short where while driving the check battery light comes on, the car shutters and then clears up by itself. I'm not sure what is causing this or where to start to look for the fix.
i changed the 4 speed transmission to a 5 speed transmission on the trecel, now i only have 2,3,4 gear, do i need to change the shifter or can the linkage be adjusted?
whenever i'm stepping on the gas, it makes a screechy noise. it's quite emabarrassing. The thing is, it only happens at night. It's perfectly fine in the day time. i have been told it might be because i need to tighte...
Has there been any oil pump problems with this car. The motor is an 1.5 and I was wondering if anyone has had any problems. Thank You
I would like to know just the labor cost of putting plugs and wires into my car as I bought Toyato products that belong in the car. So I would like to know what to expect the cost should be to see if I am getting a g...
Where can I find a repair manual for this car? 96 toyota tercel
changed head gasket and timing belt ,now no spark
1989 tercel, put head gasket on, have bottom end on tdc, need to know where to put cam gear and witch way distb. rotor should be pointing to install timming belt ?
I had a cylinder 4 missfire, replaced all spark plugs and wires. It runs better but the problem still exists. The check engine light wont go off and it wont pass emmissions!Help
Drove Toyota after car sat approx. 2 mos. in driveway. A little sluggish, backfired than ran ok. Check engine light came on, took to my mechanic. I Asked for quote on tune up and replacing timing belt. (never replaced...
I never had this problem before, I drove the car for 3 miles and shut it off. When I returned to the car 15 minutes later nothing, only the chime when you insert key in ignition.
Egr "no flow detected", code p0401. EGR is still good! What is it? Heard- bad speed sensor, will set EGR "no flow" code?
Instrument panel fuse is OK, but the lights do not come on. How do I access the main illumination bilbs for the panel cluster and the AC/radio area? If the bulbs are OK, what else could be wrong?
recent oil change, was told my "struts are worn and should be replaced. what is estimated cost. thanx
Before the car was overheating so I put anti-freeze in and put oil in. now it is still overheating-now that I took out the thermostat it is still overheating
how can i tell if the cv joints need to be replaced