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I need an exact list of parts to buy so I can get my truck back in shape. the radiator is ok. but everything in front of that needs replaced. I want to do it myself and just need to know what to buy.
I started the engine and heard a unusual click noise and I quickly turned off the ignition key,but when the key off position the starter still running or cranking the motor, so I quickly disconnect the battery to kill...
how long should a computer last? I have 13 year old truck with 112000 miles on it.
Has anyone else encountered this? if so, what did you do? I am trying to find an illustration to break it down and fix it. thanks
When I start my truck there is a high pitched squeal, and it occurs periodically when I drive. I have changed all three belts and the radiator. Also my air conditioner keeps losing charge.
It is due for a oil change that I will be doing, but the lit staying on is driving me crazy.
Installed external temp guage and connected to excessing senser and the readout goes to 240 deg. Checked coolant temp in Radiator and it reads 185 deg. So it's not running hot.
It is cold air.. Some times the belt gets stuck and it smells like burning rubber. Is it the clutch or the Compressor?
my truck shakes at speeds from55 to70.recently had all 4 rebalanced but this didn't help. But the shaking starts from the rear and goes to steering, after 70 it smooths out.
The compressor never cycles before burning the fuse. I installed a new compressor, dryer, etc.. Please tell me which part I need to replace to correct this problem. Thanks!
when vehicle is changing gear it seems i get a heavy vibration (up and down) for a few seconds. most time it seem as if this happens where the road is a little wavy
I am currently replacing the motor in my sons 2006 tacoma 4.0l and when he took the core back, he did not get all the fitting for the cooling lines that hook up to the thermostat housing. I need to know where the two ...
My truck has 160,000 mi. I.want to be for.sure noyhing goes wrong on.this long trip bymyself,therefore with wat.areas to.service for.a major tuneup.yhank you
What diagram do I follow on tightening. In how many steps should it be done. Do you have a diagram on the procedure, Thankyou.......
Wiper blades run continueously ?
my truck will not go past 45 it spits and sputers i cant build rpms backfires through the exhaust and the only code it throws up is p1135 i just fixed the o rings on the injectors one split in half and was spraying ga...
I definitely killed the clutch in my boyfriend's truck not driving manual shift well on the hills of San Francisco. I haven't driven stick in 15 years and never on hills like these. I've smoked it several times. Could...
Jan 2nd light came on repair cost $450 for bad fuel sensor. 1,1/2 months later check engine light on again after 400mile trip. Can't afford to be fixing another ch. Engine light in this time
Can I ask a repair question? I have a `1997 Toyota Tacoma. I changed the water pump, thermostat, & the radiator is less then 2 years old. The heat stopped working, blows cool air. I flushed the system with cleaner it ...