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93 T100 looses power at 3000 rpm drives almost normal up to 2500 rpm then I have to feather throttle to maintain speed .
I had a starting issue with my 93 t100 3.0 v6 last week. Changed the fuel pump and then it started first crank every time. Ran great for a week and then yesterday it died on the freeway and would not start back up. Ha...
gears and the truck stays running its a5 speed transmission It did puke out fluid just before it stoppedbut the motor stayed running
engine light stays on all the time
has 344,000 miles, runs great till this started. Shop doesn't know what to do. Is TPS the same as Throttle Valve (TV)? Any suggestions? Seems electric. Only does it when warmed up well. Has error code P0755. Re...
I love my work truck but it lacks powe when it get hot. Also the heat from the motor seems like its going inside the cab of the truck but it doesnt over heat the temp neddie does work it never goes passed the middle
I am afraid I will break my key off in the lock. I don't know where to poke with my screwdriver
my 1997 Toyota T100 won't shift to 4x4 the shifter get stuck. check engine code P0770.
when I'm driving it at first it runs really good in the morning as soon as I shut it off and start it back up it doesn't want to shift
The starter and battery have been replaced. Both starter relays have been checked for continuity. Park/neutral switch confirmed correct. No codes. With the plugs pulled the engine will turn over at correct RPM.
If I step on pedal slow and gain speed it's fine any answers
Then started working again an now stuck in forward could it be possible a shifting fork has broke
2 and 5 cycler light come on said not fireing code. they said they check everything.
Relaced plugs,distributor cap,rotor and ignition coil. Ran for a week and died during a big rain storm. What could the problem be?
When it's 70 or warmer I need to push and hold the accelerator pedal about 1/2 way down and then it will start right up . If not it just cranks and cranks. All maintainence including new plugs has been done.
I have already check efi relay and it has power and is good. Checked open relay but have not power to relay. Already checked fuses and they are good. What do I check to find why open relay has no power? Any Ideas?
Low idle somtimes, rich gas smell from exhaust. I changed the spark plugs, oil change, air filter, new exhaust and tail pipe. Still failed! Check engine light comes on randomly. I have a rich mixture of gas. Is it the...
I have to have four wheel drive to get out of my driveway and when I put it in high or low four the light doesn't come on and it doesn't go into four wheel. After a while the low will come on and be in four but somet...
I need four wheel drive to get in and out of my driveway in snow and although I can put the high and low into gear the 4x4 light does not come on or engage most of the time. It will sometimes after a long time.