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The problem occurs when I try to use the four wheel drive in the snow when I'm trying to get out of my driveway. It goes into four wheel gear high and low but the light doesn't come on or engage.
Just put a used trans. in my truck. There is a cable on the drivers side of trans. that goes to the throttle body. Is this a kick down cable or line pressure cable? and how do you adjust this cable?
My Email is I have a 1996 Toyota T100 and my auto matic Transmission went out. Do you know where I can find a good used trans that would fit?
remove spare tire
My 1993 Toyota T100 is acting weird when i put it in 4x4. First it begins while im driving it feels like the front end kicks out of 4x4 which in turn makes the rear spin, ive been driving in the snow. Then the front ...
I replaced the thermostat because temp gauge is maxed out. New anti-freeze and still maxed out. I can't locate the sensor. I'm thinking it may be close to the thermostat which is located from the bottom radiator hose....
I can smell coolant burning and it is running rough. Truck has 108,000 miles, auto trany, 4X4, SR5 Check eng light is on, Codes P0300, P0301, P0305 and P0420 Can anyone help me? Thanks JT
never had a problem with it then one day shifting in to n at a stop sign never came out of 5 gear
how to change the fuel pump
how do i know which plug wire is i & 2& 3& & 5 &6 i am trying to get the wiring that is crossed right
not sure whats goin on.The battery slid & grounded out on fender and wont start.Tried to put it on a scanner & it doesnt get power to the scanner.but it will start & run as long as scanner is pluged in.Disconnect the ...
Where do you find the brake fluid module on a 1998 t100 v6 and is there anything special I should know?
i just replaced my tps on my t-100 sr5 . how would i go about adjusting the sensor to operate correctly?
this is the activated charcoal filter that handles the gas vapors
how to replace fuel pump
My friend has a truck, and she can only open the door, by using the handle on the inside. When you pull on the handle outside, it doesn't even feel like its pulling on anything. Many times she has to leave her window ...
please help me. my neighbor pulled on my shift leaver and damaged something. if green park indicator light doesn't come on truck will not start and will roll
What cause my T100 to die after driving a very short distance. First, the air conditioner went out and the dealership supposedly fixed that. On the way home it just died and wouldn't crank. Sometimes it will crank ...
i have a 95 t100 sr5 with an automatic transmission that has 181k miles on it. Just recently it has started to knock hard when shifting into reverse after the truck has sat for a few hours. It will also rev up to 400...
the problem occcured the first thing in the morning . i put the key in the ignition and turned it but i didn't get any responce . the battery seem to be ok . there was no clicking noise . could the problem be a fuse o...
is hard to replace the starter
a/c blower not working. Where are relays and specific fuses located?
I am trying to hook up a wiring harness to my truck, but I'm not sure which wires go to which lights. The trailer harness has a white,yellow,green,and a brown wire coming off the harness. The truck has different color...
can I just replace the solenoid and not the whole starter? I cleaned the terminals and it got better for a while and now it just clicks. (one click)
I bought the truck and two weeks later it started shaking going down the road. When I stopped it sounded like it was pumping air(like an air compressor) out of the exhaust pipe! I had to drie about a mile home. About ...
How much and what weight oil goes in to a 95 t-100 toyota 4x4 3.4V6 rearend?
The engine will turn over, but has no fire. I changed the coil and ignitor
Where is the thermostat of T100 toyota pick up?